Dongfeng Group Releases ‘14th Five-Year’ Development Plan

Dongfeng Group

Dongfeng Chairman announced the Company's '14th Five-Year' development plan with a series of upcoming strategic activities.

Dongfeng Group Reveals Sustainable Goals 

On 26th September 2021, at Dongfeng Motor's brand Autumn Conference, Dongfeng Chairman and Party Secretary Zhu Yanfeng announced the Company’s ‘14th Five-Year’ development plan with a series of upcoming strategic activities.

During the ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ period (2022-2026), risks, challenges, innovations, demands and opportunities will coexist and manifest through three specific initiatives, which are named 'one mainstream trend’, ‘two major risks challenge’ and ‘three major issues.’  

According to Zhu, ‘A mainstream trend’ is part of the scientific and technological revolution that helps promote the in-depth evolution of the ‘five modernisations’ trend that offers unprecedented innovation, plus market and development opportunities......

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