Commercial Vehicles Shows Sign of Growth


From the figures that were recently released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA),there were signs of growth in the sales of commercial vehicles.

MAA Expects Higher Sales Volume in March 

Overall vehicle sales for February 2021 were 30 per cent higher than in February 2020, with the commercial segment showing an increase from 3,728 units last February to 4,861 units.

Meanwhile, total vehicle production (including passenger vehicles) in February increased to 45, 199 units from 40, 371 units as compare to a year ago, up 11.96 per cent.  The commercial vehicle production increased by 57.3 per cent from 2,478 units in February 2020 compared to 3,898 units produced in February 2021.

Year to date, the total vehicle production dropped 1.09 per cent to 84, 865 units from 85,787 units a year ago.  However, commercial vehicles registered a 37.5 per cent increase to 7,378 units from 5,367 registered in 202.

MAA expects sales volume in March 2021 will be higher than February 2021. This, according to the Association is contributed to the rush for the deliveries by companies having their financial year ending on 31st March 2021 and the resumption of JPJ’s full services for all types of vehicle transactions.


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