RoadOne HD520 Stands Up Well in Dongying Test


The HD520 tyre from RoadOne has been performing well for a client running trips from Dongying to Xi’an, a 1200km routine mostly on highway. During the case study, the tyres completed 92,736km.

A Long Distance, Long Lasting Tyre

In the test the tyre tread reduced 1mm every 20,000km and has an expected mileage of 392,673km, based on the analysis of the tests. The tyre was tested on 1F, 2D and 3ST wheels. The customer said "The tyre was installed in June (2020) and very resistant, which is seen by them not wearing for at least 2 months."

Sporting an optimised steel plate design and a specialised wear-resistant tread formula, the HD520 has a specific 4 belt cap design, which RoadOne have designed to avoid risks such as shoulder cap explosions, thereby maintaining strict safety standards. 

Perhaps the most important element of this standard loading, long distance tyre is the retread potential, as the tyre has reinforced carcass and bead structure, preventing explosions on the road.

About the author

Adrian, located in Madrid, is joining the editorial team as a correspondent for the Valebridge Publications Ltd Group. Before starting in 2020 for Commercial Tyre Business, Adrian graduated with an English degree before working within marketing and recruitment in the non-profit sector. Recently he changed direction, undertaking a course in Marketing and International Business as a means towards moving into the journalism field, which he counts as his lifelong ambition.


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