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New Volvo FH, FH16, FM and FMX Now Available in Malaysia

Volvo FH FH16 FM FMX Malaysia

Volvo Trucks Malaysia has introduced four new truck models with the driver in mind.

New Volvo Trucks Focus on Driver’s Environment

Volvo Trucks Malaysia has introduced four new truck models, namely the Volvo FH, FH16, FM and FMX, which are now enhanced with innovations that demonstrate the highest levels of standard in safety, productivity, fuel efficiency and driver focus.

“These new models are developed with the driver in mind, as good drivers ultimately contribute to business productivity. We understand the various challenges faced by our customers and finding or retaining good, qualified drivers is a particularly important challenge. For this reason, our new truck range has been developed to focus on the driver’s environment, to increase safety, productivity and uptime. We aim to be our customers’ best business partner by making them even more competitive and helping them attract the best drivers in an increasingly tough market,” said Anthony O’Connell, Managing Director, Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd….

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全新沃尔沃 FH、FH16、FM 和 FMX 大马上市

马来西亚沃尔沃卡车推出了四款新卡车型号,即沃尔沃 FH、FH16、FM 和 FMX。这些创新的增强车型,展现了最高水平的安全、生产力、燃油效率及对驾驶员的关注。

沃尔沃私人有限公司董事经理奥康奈尔(Anthony O’Connell )表示:“这些新车型在开发时都考虑到了驾驶员,因为优秀的驾驶员有助于提高企业生产力。我们了解客户面临的各种挑战,寻找或留住优秀、合格的驾驶员就是其中之一。出于这个原因和更多的原因,我们开发了新卡车系列,重点关注驾驶员的环境——旨在进一步提高安全性、生产力和出勤率。我们的目标是成为客户的最佳商业伙伴,使他们更具竞争力,并帮助他们在日益严峻的市场中吸引最好的驾驶员…..。”


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