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Hong Seng Group Introduces New Specification for Sinotruk Hohan N7

Hong Seng Group Sinotruk Hohan

Hong Seng Group has added a 4×2 cargo truck as the latest member of the Hohan N7 series recently. 

Hong Seng Group: Hohan N7 4×2 Rigid Truck Offers Good Fuel Efficiency

In its effort of meeting customer needs and requirements, Hong Seng Group, the sole distributor of Sinotruk Hohan in Malaysia has added a new option to its portfolio– a 4×2 cargo truck as the latest member of the N7 series.

“Powered by a Sinotruk MC05 engine, the Euro 3 compliant Hohan N7 4×2 rigid cargo truck offers drivers a good fuel economy. The 4.58-litre diesel engine features 4 cylinders, with the water-cooled turbo-charge engine including a built-in intercooler. It has a rated power of 210 HP at 1,400 rpm with 830Nm of torque. Bringing in the 4×2 variant has not only reflected our continual commitment to the local market but that we are also constantly listening to customers and collecting feedback from them, “said Group Managing Director Dato’ Seri Teoh Hai Hin.

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致力于满足客户的需求与要求,中国重汽豪瀚(Sinotruk)的大马独家经销商丰成集团,在其产品组合中添加了一个新选项— N7 系列的最新成员– 4×2 货运卡车。

集团董事经理拿督斯里张海兴说:“搭载符合欧3排放标准的重汽MC05引擎,豪瀚 N7 4×2 整体式车架货运卡车非常节油。该4.58 升四缸水冷涡轮增压柴油引擎,包含内置的中冷器,在转速为1,400 rpm 时功率可达 210马力和产生830Nm 的扭矩。4×2 车型的引入,不仅显示了我们对本地市场的持续承诺,也证明了我们一直在聆听客户的意见并收集他们的反馈……。”


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