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DFCV Creating New Records

DFCV Records

A series of figures in April has showed that DFCV has got itself back on track after the lockdown.

DFCV Breaks Production Record

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company (DFCV) resumed its manufacturing production on 11th March to meet the market demand.  A series of figures in April has showed that the company has got itself back on track after the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic in order to make up the 3 months loss.

Let us look at these figures – the highest single-month sales record of 25, 093 units, with a year-on-year increase of 30.87 per cent, shipping capacity per day reached 1,300 units, the three plants under Dongfong Forging Co., Ltd have reached a record output of 27,758 tonnes, and the after-market business unit has also achieved the highest record sales revenue – RMB 239 million in the same period.

For DFCV, there is no highest record, but the company continues to strive to go beyond the previous records. “Today, our plant planned to produce 790 vehicles, breaking our end of April record of producing 760 vehicles per month,” said DFCV vehicle plant, Production Management Division, Secretary of Party Branch Zhang Lei on 8th May…….

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让我们来看看这些数据–单月销售最高纪录诞生:25,093辆,同比提升30.87%;东风锻造有限公司所属三厂累计出货量达到历史最高点:27,758 吨,后市场事业部销售收入创历史同期最高水平 :2.39亿人民币。

对东风商用车公司来说,没有最高的纪录,只有更高。“今天车辆工厂计划排厂790 辆,打破了4月底创造的日产760辆纪录!”东风商用车车辆工厂,生产管理科党支部书记张雷表示。


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