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Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group Launches the SC3OCT Mobile

Kit Loong Tyre Group

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group has launched the SC3OCT Mobile to better save time for their fleet customers. 

SC3OCT Mobile – a Fully Maintenance & Management Service for Fleet Tyre Needs

KL24/7, the outdoor tyre rescue operation under Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group, has launched the SC3OCT Mobile, a fully mobile maintenance and management service for all fleet-tyre needs.

“We understand the nature of our customer’s businesses and that time is essential.  Being Malaysia’s largest outdoor tyre rescue operation with more than 100 customers and over 800 breakdowns attended to per year across Peninsular Malaysia, has led us to look at the service and try to understand how we can better save time for their fleet. With this in mind, we have rebranded and are expanding the service to better suit this objective.

We have also developed a network that operators can trust when the worst happens, and tyres fail on the open road,” said Group Marketing Manager Michael Hutt.

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吉隆商用轮胎集团发布SC3OCT Mobile

吉隆商用轮胎集团的户外轮胎救援业务发布了SC3OCT Mobile,一个迎合所有车队轮胎需求的全面移动维护和管理服务。

“我们了解客户的业务,也知道时间是关键。作为拥有超过100多家客户,每年在马来西亚半岛处理超过800宗轮胎故障,全马最大的户外轮胎救援营运公司,促使我们探讨我们的服务,并尝试了解如何为车队客户节省时间。为此,我们重新塑造和拓展这个服务,以便它能更符合这个目标。我们也发展了一个车队客户在发生最坏的事情和轮胎在开阔道路上失效时,能够信任的网络。”集团行销经理赫德(Michael Hutt) 表示。


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