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Enthusiastic Truck Enthusiasts Embark on Epic Journey: Shanghai to Sweden in a V8 Scania 650 S


Two dedicated Chinese truck enthusiasts have embraced the truck culture, embarking on a remarkable 13,000 km journey from China to Europe behind the wheel of a Scania vehicle.

Truck Fans Complete Journey from China to Sweden

The burgeoning community of truck aficionados in China has fueled their curiosity and passion for truck shows. Among them, Liu Weitao and Guo Longxian, stand out as two ardent truckers who embarked on an extensive road trip to the prestigious Truckstar Festival in the Netherlands. Their participation marked a significant milestone, as it was the first time a Chinese truck license plate graced the Truckstar competition.

As proud owners of the Shanghai Haizhou Transportation Company, they joined fellow enthusiasts at the festival, proudly showcasing their Scania truck adorned with a Transformer-themed motif. Their aim was not only to participate but also to absorb the rich experience the festival had to offer. Liu expressed, “We want to be part of the festival in person and learn from it. The sheer enthusiasm and attendance at the event create an exceptional atmosphere, one we aspire to bring back to China.”

Liu’s dedication to the trucking community didn’t end there; he organized the inaugural Chinese truck festival earlier this year. His goal is to leverage the insights and knowledge gained from their Netherlands experience to elevate the next truck festival in Shanghai, creating an even more exceptional event for truck enthusiasts in China.

In China, a truck has traditionally been considered a cheap means of transporting goods. But in recent years, the mindset is gradually evolving to embrace the truck culture – a concept that Scania has been instrumental in creating over there. Drivers develop a positive bond with their trucks on which their livelihood is dependent.

It was the first time Liu and Guo travelled in a Scania truck to Truckstar. “The cab is very high and spacious, and the living condition is extremely comfortable. We slept in the truck for two weeks, driving about 13 000 km, and it did not give us any problems at all during our entire journey,” comments Liu satisfactorily

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