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Goldbell Launches Fuso Euro VI in Singapore

Goldbell Fuso Euro VI Singapore

Goldbell Group, Singapore’s largest player in leasing and distribution of commercial and industrial vehicles, recently launched the new range of Fuso Euro VI vehicles in Singapore, in line with the latest emission standards adopted globally to reduce overall carbon footprint. In addition to the advanced high performance and fuel-efficient features that the new trucks come fitted with is the inclusion of Mobileye’s new safety technology as a default for all the Euro VI vehicles.

Goldbell Unveils Fuso Euro VI in Singapore

Incorporated as an added safety feature for all Fuso Canter trucks, Mobileye’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a driver-assist system that alerts the driver to potential collisions, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. The strategic artificial vision sensor is said to be proven in reducing by up to 60 per cent in overall collisions and 95 per cent in forward collisions, saving lives and reducing operational downtime that could result from accidents.

“We are pleased to present the new Fuso range to our customers on behalf of our longstanding partner Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. The new models showcase quality and reliable upgrades that ensure safer trips, reduced operational cost and increased comfort,” says Arthur Chua, Chief Executive Officer of Goldbell Group. “Always committed to supporting our customers with top quality service, we are proud to also offer our customers Mobileye’s ADAS technology as an added safety component, driving forward our vision in shaping Singapore to become a safer and smarter city.”

Goldbell has been the exclusive distributor of Fuso since 1981 and was awarded the Best in Sales by Daimler Trucks Asia at its Distributor 2016 presentation. The wide range of Fuso vehicles distributed by Goldbell comprises heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty trucks and 20-24 seater buses.

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