Scania Takes Part in Petronas FM Drive 2018

Scania Malaysia

Scania recently participated as an exhibitor in the Petronas Fleet Management Drive (FM Drive) 2018 competition that promotes safe driving in its fleet operations among its road tanker drivers and hauliers. 

The FM Drive is a demonstration of Petronas’ commitment to safety in its day-to-day operations that sees its road tanker drivers cover hundreds of thousands of kilometres daily to deliver its fuel products and where safety is paramount. 

The tanker driver skills competition gauged their performance as they went through a series of challenges that tested their ability to perform manoeuvres within a specified time while promoting a culture of safety and the opportunity to network. 

During the competition, Scania had its G-Series truck on display together with its vision for the future of transportation in a semi-autonomous platooning display and the entire range of Scania services such as its Fleet Management System, Scania Driver training and Scania Driver Coaching. 

“We continue to take the lead in providing the best in safety, fuel economy and environmentally-friendly driving through sustainable transport solutions,” said Service Director for Scania Southeast Asia, Thor Brenden. 

“We are proud to see that our long-time customer Shaziman Transport continues to use a Scania in this competition and in real operations. This drives us to continue to provide sustainable transport solutions for our customers’ best profitability,” added Thor. 

The annual Fleet Management Drive is a competition that Petronas organises to increase the standards of safety among its operators. This year’s competition was organised by and on the grounds of Shaziman Transport Sdn Bhd, which operates a predominantly Scania fleet. 

It is the only logistics provider in Malaysia to utilise the Scania B-Double Tankers that deliver better fuel economy of up to 6 per cent with its aerodynamic design for optimum fuel economy and faster delivery. 

Shaziman currently has three Scania R 500 V8 B-Doubles and a Scania Streamline G460 B-Double in its fleet that includes 175 Scania trucks.



近日,斯堪尼亚以参展商的身份, 参加2018年国油车队驾驶管理(FM Drive)竞赛。该竞赛主要旨在国油车队,向其油槽车和运输司机推广安全驾驶。



在该竞赛中,斯堪尼亚除了展示其G-系列卡车,也以半自动队列方式展示其对未来运输的愿景, 整个斯堪尼亚服务如车队管理系统、斯堪尼亚驾驶员培训及斯堪尼亚驾驶员辅导。

“我们持续透过可持续性运输解决方案,成为安全性、燃油经济及环保驾驶方面的领袖。”斯堪尼亚东南亚服务总监布朗登(Thor Brenden)表示。




目前,Shaziman的车队中拥有3辆斯堪尼亚R500 V8 B-Double和一辆斯堪尼亚Streamline G460 B-Double ,以及 175辆斯堪尼亚卡车。


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