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Johor Trucking Association Initiates First ICOP Training

Southern Region MAN Malaysia

Under the SPAD act (5.2.4), the (SPAD) licensee is obliged to provide each and every driver of at least 1 safety relevant training every year as part of the company’s ICOP (Industrial Code of Practice) compliance. 

First ICOP Training Launched by Johor Trucking Association

The Johor Trucking Association (JTA) took the initiative on assisting members and operators with this ICOP compliance, and on 15th Oct, 2017, it collaborated with SPAD, Puspakom, ECO World and Bukit Pasir Shell to launch the very first ICOP training in Johor Bahru that focused on the drivers’ on-the-road behaviour.

The programme was designed to let the participants (management, supervisor or hands-on operators and drivers) understand that the responsibility of road safety actually lies on everybody’s shoulders.

Since then, JTA continued to organise 1 training session per month to focus on drivers’ behaviours, highlight the fundamental importance of safety awareness, such as pre-departure checking, speeding, fatigue driving, blind spots and the countermeasures, improper parking of vehicle, among others. It says that by conducting training and education to the drivers (be it trucks or other motorists), the level of safety awareness would be upgraded over time and improve the overall safety level for all road users.

In 2018, the association invited other associates such as FMM, AMH and other state members of PMLOA to join the training. The aim is to promote the programme and duplicate (the training) in other parts of the country beyond the reach of the JTA.

“The challenge of conducting the training is that there are a limited number of qualified, experienced and equipped trainers available, who are able to bring the positive and accurate messages to our audience. Hence, we are very grateful that both SPAD and Puspakom are willing to commit to the task,” said JTA President Novan Hing.



柔佛罗厘同业公会(JTA)主动协助会员和运营者符合该规定,并于2017年10月15日,与陆路公共交通委员会、电脑验车中心、ECO World、Bukit Pasir蚬壳,在新山推介第一场工业行为准则培训,将重点放在司机的行车行为上。


自此,柔佛罗厘同业公会继续每月主办一个培训课程,聚焦在司机行为、强调安全意识的至关重要,比如出车前的检查、超速、疲劳驾驶、盲点和对策、车辆的不正确停泊等。 该公会表示,透过培训和教育司机(不论是卡车或其他驾驶员),假以时日就能提升安全意识,提升所有道路使用者的安全性。




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