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Aurora Supplies Introduces Fcar and G-Scan Scanners

Aurora Fcar and G-Scan Scanners

Aurora Supplies Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Fcar and G-Scan automotive scanners in Malaysia, brought in a series of Fcar and G-Scan scanners to meet the different market needs.

Aurora Supplies Unveils Fcar and G-Scan Scanners Innovation

Fcar’s products are produced by Shenzhen Fcar Technology Co, Ltd, which Aurora Supplies described as a high-tech enterprise that integrated in-house R&D, manufacturing, selling and servicing of the products. Established in 2007, Shenzhen Fcar Technology was hailed as a current industry leader in automotive diagnosis that had operated virtually all over the world.

Among its products are F5-D, which is designed to deliver the ‘most intuitive’ and integrated diagnosis experience for heavy duty vehicles. It has wide coverage and could diagnose all heavy duty trucks, diesel engines, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ABS and transmission professionally and comprehensively.

Its basic functions include read/clear DTC, read data stream and system information as well as multi-language support.

The F5-G is an all-in-one auto scanner to diagnose passenger, light commercial and heavy duty vehicles. Its ‘unrivalled database’ is said to cover more than 200 vehicle models and it has multifunctional ability to test engines, transmission, ABS and different manufacturer systems.

Functions include read and clear OBD 2 DTC, read data stream and system information, action test, displaying freeze frame data, showing OBD 2 Live Data, code lookup function and printing capabilities. Also available are the various quick-test functions like throttle match, oil service and TPMS to save time and cost.

The third item, F7S-G, is an Fcar diagnostic tablet platform, based on the Android system. With built-in Wifi and Bluetooth, it supports powerful diagnostic functions, reset and bidirectional special functions, diagnostic solutions and maintenance service. Described as an all-in-one automotive diagnostic system, it covers passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy duty trucks and off-road equipment. Equipped with a huge database covering more than 200 vehicle models and technical material, it provides better and faster troubleshooting. It comes with a 1-year warranty and 2-year free software update.

The company also brought in a new Fcar diagnostic tablet platform, F7S-D. Also based on the Android system, it communicates via Wifi and Bluetooth and is specially designed for heavy duty vehicles and off-road equipment. The F7S-D comes with powerful basic functions such as read/erase fault code, live data, read system information and actuation test as well as special functions, including cylinder cutoff, cylinder compression and balancing test, oil light reset, among others.

All these Fcar automotive scanners are said to be capable of communicating with European and American vehicles as well as those from Asia, including Japan, China and South Korea.

Meanwhile, G-Scan was first launched in Japan in 2008 after Japanese company INS and Korean Corporation GIT joined forces; this collaboration brought together the market leaders in OEM quality data for Japanese and Korean vehicles. This includes OEM level hardware and software for diagnostics on Hyundai and Kia vehicles, and software for Japanese car and trucks. It supports communications with buses and trucks, and accepts power and signal of 24V commercial vehicles. 

Further to its extensive coverage of Asian vehicles, G-Scan also includes comprehensive and rapidly expanding data for a number of popular European vehicles. Since its debut in Japan, the company said G-Scan was named the best-selling scan tool in that country.

Aurora Suppliers expressed pride in introducing G-Scan 2, which it said was a ‘truly accurate and reliable scan tool one can trust’. The unit comes complete with build-in oscilloscope, digital multi-meter and ‘super-fast’ triple processor for high speed performance.

With more than 10 years of experience and expertise in the computerised diagnostic equipment in the market, Aurora Suppliers is among the leading automotive diagnostic solutions provider in Malaysia. The company also provides various automotive diagnostics training courses throughout Malaysia.

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