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Kuantan Boy, Abid Experiences ´Tenonet´ Lorries Thanks to Efforts of Malaysian Truckers

Malaysian Truckers have shown the strongest form of solidarity to fulfill a Kuantan boy with prostate cancer’s wish of experiencing lorries with musical horns according to a report in the Malay Mail.

Malaysian Truckers Come Through to Help Abid

Abid, 3, was just eleven months old when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2019 and underwent surgery to remove the cancer, which resulted in him having to use a urinary catheter to collect urine temporarily. Later in April 2020, Abid had to have another operation as his cancer returned, which has meant he will have to use the urinary catheter permanently.

Nur Lydia Rose Hafieza, Abid’s mother commented to the Malay Mail, “Abid has been fascinated with ´tenonet´ trucks.” This according to Abid’s mother is due to their, “constant travel back and forth between Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur on a weekly basis for his chemotherapy and medical check-ups.”

Abid’s dreams came true after Rose left a comment looking for ´tenonet´ truck owners. Initial hopes were low, but little by little messages started to trickle in from Malaysian truck owners offering to share the experience with Abid.

In comments to the Malay Mail, Rose said, ““The first to come and demonstrate their ‘tenonet’ horns in front of Abid was a sand truck, who came by last Saturday.” 

“The second one was a truck owner in Gebeng and the third was the NSE truckers’ group who came by with five to six trucks last Sunday night,” Rose said adding that the truckers demonstrated their trucks at a secluded area to not bother anyone else.

Rose explained to the Malay Mail how some of the truckers drove from Kuala Lumpur to meet Abid and additionally gave monetary aid to help. Besides this, she has been inundated with videos of ´tenonet´ truck owners from all over the country who have shared it with her on social media platforms.

Rose is currently waiting for Abid’s next MRI scan with the doctors informing her during their last visit that there were still some lumps but could just be scars from the last operation. Fingers crossed for Abid that brighter times lie ahead for him and his family.

SOURCE: The Malay Mail

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