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KKT Rubber Industries Ready for Growing Samson Tyre Brand in Malaysia

Johore based KKT Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Highclass Group has introduced the Samson brand of tyres into Malaysia last year.

Desmond Kew:Samson Truck Tyres Remain in High Demand    

“Despite the pandemic, we have received an encouraging response from the local market. Fleet companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce their operating costs, especially during this period of uncertainty, and tyres are the second largest operating cost after fuel. The initial cost, combined with the tyre’s quality, mileage and retreadability are clear-cut factors in tyre selection. We are pleased to announce that based on our customers’ feedback, Samson tyres have not only met but have exceeded all these requirements, “said Highclass Group Executive Director Desmond Kew. 

As the sole distributor of the brand, he said, they carry a full range of Samson truck and light truck tyres.  “The Samson brand is one of the major tyre labels of Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. Launched in 2002, the Samson all-steel radial truck tyres have remained in high demand for both the domestic and international market. Now, with their latest addition of the GL 278A 3 Pro Super Three Super Series that boasts the company’s new technology, we are confident in grabbing the attention of the local transporters….”

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去年,位于柔佛的精工集团(Highclass Group)子公司马扬橡胶工业有限公司将 Samson品牌的轮胎引入马来西亚。

精工集团执行董事邱崠益表示:“尽管冠病大流行,Samson轮胎的推出,仍然取得令人鼓舞的反应。车队公司一直在寻找降低运营成本的方法,更何况是在目前充满着不确定的时期,而轮胎是仅次于燃料的第二大运营成本。初始成本加上轮胎的质量、里程数和可翻新性都是选择轮胎的要素。我们很高兴地宣布根据客户的反馈,Samson 轮胎不仅满足,还超越了上述的这些要求。”

他说,作为该品牌的独家经销商,该公司提供全系列的Samson卡车和轻型卡车轮胎。 “Samson品牌是贵州轮胎有限公司的主要轮胎品牌之一。Samson 全钢子午卡车轮胎于 2002 年推出,在中国国内和国际市场上一直保持着旺盛的需求。如今,随着他们采用最新科技的新款GL278A 3 Pro超级三超系列轮胎的推出,我们有信心能吸引本地运输商的注意力……。”


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