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Kineflux’s Revolutionary Active Intercooler Technology

The intention of fuel-saving and caring for the environment has led to the birth of AIC technology.

Kineflux Aims to Optimise Fleet Operations and Environmental Performance

As a technology company that focuses on the automotive green technology landscape, Kineflux Sdn Bhd has successfully captured the industry’s attention with its patented Active Intercooler (AIC) technology.

“Our proven AIC technology can improve fuel efficiency by offering better and cleaner engine combustion which contributes to a lower daily operational expenditure.  The technology was  inspired by the rising fuel cost.  While we are burning a hole in our pockets, the carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles are contributing to climate change and global warming. The intention of fuel-saving and caring for the environment has led to the birth of AIC technology,” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer Timothy Tay.  

Starting off as a research and development company, Tay explained Kineflux spent a few years enhancing its research in green technology. With the grant funds from the SME Corporation Malaysia, they were able to concentrate and speed up the innovation process. Tay then partnered with two seasoned and serial entrepreneurs, Ken Low and Philip Yong. Together they made their technologically innovative research known to the world……. 

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Kineflux 革命性主动中冷器技术



作为一家专注于汽车绿色技术领域的科技公司,Kineflux私人有限公司,凭借其专利主动中冷器 (AIC) 技术成功吸引了业界的关注。

创始人兼首席执行长戴劭賓表示:“我们经过验证的 AIC 技术可通过提供更好、更清洁的引擎燃烧来提高燃油效率,协助降低日常运营支出。该技术的灵感来自不断上涨的燃料成本。正当我们口袋里的钱怎么都留不住时,汽车排放的二氧化碳同时也在导致气候变化和全球变暖。节油和我们对环境的爱护促成了 AIC 技术的诞生。” 




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