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Karen Tan: Volvo B11RLE Chassis Makes High-Capacity Transport Efficient, Safe and Cost-Effective

Karen Tan Volvo Chassis

Designed for a premium double-deck coach, the new Volvo B11R Low Entry (B11RLE) chassis is available for delivery from 2020.

New Volvo B11RLE Chassis for Double-deck Coach

Volvo Buses Malaysia has launched the Volvo B11R Low Entry (B11RLE) chassis on Volvo Buses’ Customer Day at the Volvo Group Malaysia headquarters in Shah Alam. Designed for a premium double-deck coach, the new model is available for delivery from 2022.

Truck & Bus News recently caught up with Country Manager Karen Tan, who graciously offered her time to answer our questions associated with the launch, the market outlook and challenges currently faced, as well as the company’s overall direction. Also in attendance were Volvo’s two clients that had already made their bookings to tell us why they decided to invest in the Volvo B11RLE.

“We see a big potential for double-deck buses to be used as coaches, especially for express buses. In our market currently, there are not too many product offerings. So, there is still room to grow.  For routes that require high-capacity transport (both long- and short-haul), for example, from Kuala Lumpur to the East Coast, to Penang, or to Johor Bahru, the rationale behind the product launch, the double-decker bus, is to offer a more cost-effective solution for bus operators. We believe this could be a solution to address the shortage of bus drivers in the industry by having a high-capacity bus that can carry more passengers in a trip,” she explained.

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沃尔沃巴士陈淑慧: 沃尔沃 B11RLE 底盘使大容量运输变得高效、安全且具成本效益


《卡客车新闻》近期采访了区域经理陈淑慧,她慷慨地拨出时间来回答我们有关该发布会、市场前景和当前面临的挑战以及公司整体方向等相关的问题。在场的还有两位预定了沃尔沃B11RLE的客户, 他们向我们分享投资该产品的原因。



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