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Johor Lorry Operators Association Says No to B20 Biodiesel

Johor Lorry Operators B20 Biodiesel

JLOA has urged the government to subsidise the maintenance costs that are incurred due to the enforcement of B20 biodiesel.

JLOA: B20 Will Increase Operating Cost

The Johor Lorry Operators Association (JLOA) released a statement in February, listing its reservations regarding the previous Malaysian government’s plan to upgrade the current B10 to B20 biodiesel and even higher.

According to the Association, they have indicated to Ex-Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and Ex-Minister of Primary Industry Teresa Kok through various channels the various issues that their members are facing after the enforcement of B10 biodiesel from B7. These include the fact that the fuel system of old diesel engines is not compatible with a high concentration of biodiesel, while some vehicles require engine modification. In addition, there is a rise in long-term maintenance costs as the oil change interval is shorter and requires a more frequent filter change. However, there was no response from the government.

The Association also pointed out that there was a news item published in The Jakarta Post, which stated that The National Electricity Company (PLN), Indonesia’s state-owned electricity provider, had said that they had been experiencing problems with pure crude palm oil (CPO), also known as B100 in its diesel power plants. The Indonesia Truck Operators Association (Aptrindo) has also complained about blockages in vehicle engines since using B20.

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今年2月间,柔佛罗厘同业公会(JLOA)在其所发布的声明中指出 ,该公会对大马前政府将现有B10生物柴油提高至B20的计划有所保留。

据该公会表示,他们曾透过各种管道告诉前副首相慕尤丁(Muhyiddin Yassin)和前原产业部长郭素沁有关他们的会员在使用从B7升级到B10 生物柴油时所面对的种种问题。其中包括旧款引擎的燃油系统无法兼容高浓度的生物柴油,而某些车辆的引擎则需要进行改装才能使用。长期维修成本加剧,更换润滑油的周期较短,而且需要经常更换过滤器,然而却没有获得政府的正视和回应。

该公会也指出,根据The Jakarta Post 的报导,印尼国有国家电力公司(PLN)的柴油发电厂曾因使用纯天然棕榈油(CPO)或称为B100的生物柴油而发生问题。印尼的货运公会(Aptrindo)也曾提出使用B20导致会员的引擎阻塞。


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