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Isuzu Malaysia Shares Business Updates

Isuzu Malaysia shared its business updates recently during its media appreciation dinner recently.

Isuzu Holds Media Appreciation Dinner

Isuzu Malaysia shared its business updates recently during its media appreciation dinner, which was held at the Botanica +Co Restaurant & Bar, Kuala Lumpur.

In his welcoming speech, Chief Executive Officer Koji Nakomura said 2018 was a very challenging and intense year for the company’s commercial vehicle business. Despite severe competition, Isuzu achieved the highest monthly sales volume in August and secured the Number 1 position in commercial vehicles for the 5th consecutive year. This also marked its milestone of holding the Number 1 position for 9 consecutive years in the light duty segment.

“The Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) landscape was no exception in the tough market situation that we faced in the Commercial Vehicle (CV) sector as competitors introduced new models continuously to gain market share. We fought hard to differentiate ourselves with our core values of reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. We achieved the highest monthly sales volume ever in August last year for LCV and in December, we outperformed Mitsubishi and Nissan with a single month share to end up in 3rd position. In addition, the X-series received several awards such as ‘Best PUP of the year’, ‘Proven Durability’ and ‘JD Power Initial Quality No 1, SSI No 2.”

In network, he continued, the company aimed to continuously expand its coverage to provide best products and services to more customers. For a great start to the year 2019, the company opened 2 new outlets in Johore, one in Muar and the other in Kluang, in January as well as an Isuzu service centre in Cameron Highlands.

Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Vehicle Atsunori Murata added that the company’s existing commercial vehicle models complied with B10 bio diesel, following the latest government implementation. He revealed that the company would expand its light duty ELF range in the second half of the year.

Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer of Light Commercial Vehicle Masayuki Suzuki took the opportunity to introduce the RZ4E-TC 1.9L Ddi Blue Power turbo diesel engine, which is already fitted to the D-Max and Mu-X in Thailand. 

“We unveiled this engine in KLIMS 2018 and the response and feedback was very encouraging, showing strong support and demand from existing and potential customers. This engine has a smaller displacement but produces more power compared to the 2.5L Ddi VGS Turbo in our current line-up.” 

To increase fuel efficiency, he revealed that there was a newly design clothoid combustion chamber, anti-friction diamond like coating and a wide range high efficiency turbo-charger. The exhaust system comes with a new exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. This system, he claimed, could drastically reduce Nox emissions. All in, the RZ4E-TC 1.9L Ddi Blue Power has an increase of 10 per cent in power, 9.4 per cent more torque, 8.2 per cent faster acceleration and 19 per cent better fuel economy. The company is pushing for the final phase of testing and planning for a debut in the Malaysian market by the end of this year.




大马五十铃近日于吉隆坡Botanica+Co 餐厅及酒吧的媒体答谢晚宴中,分享其商业进展。

首席执行员中村幸兹(Koji Nakomura)在欢词中表示,2018年对公司的商业车业务来说,是个充满激烈挑战性的一年。尽管竞争剧烈,五十铃仍然在8月取得了最高的销售量,并连续5年稳坐商用车销售量冠军宝座。此外,该公司也连续9年成为轻卡领域的首选品牌。

“轻卡也和商用车领域一样,面对着艰难的市场情况,我们的竞争对手持续推出新车型并赢得了市占额。我们努力透过可靠性、耐用性及节油三大核心价值,从其他竞争对手中脱颖而出。我们在去年8月和12月取得了最高的月销售量,我们以单月份的市占额击败了三菱和日产,排名第三。此外,我们的X系列荣获了好几个奖项,包括年度最佳‘PUP’、‘经久耐用’(Proven Durability)及“JD Power Initial Quality No1,SSI No.2 奖。”


商用车首席营运长村田笃纪(Atsunori Murata)补充说,该公司现有的商用车车型,都可采用政府如今落实的B10生物柴油。他透露说,该公司将于今年下半年扩展其轻型ELF系列。

与此同时,轻型商用卡车首席营运长铃木正幸(Masayuki Suzuki)也借此机会介绍RZ4E-TC 1.9L Ddi Blue Power 涡轮增压柴油机,该款引擎已经安装在泰国的D-Max和Mu-X 上。

“我们在2018年吉隆坡国际汽车展(KLIMS 2018)中发布该引擎,获得了现有和潜在客户的正面回应与反馈。相较于我们现有的2.5升Ddi VGS 涡轮系列,该引擎的排量较小,但动力却更强。”

他透露说,为了提高燃油效率,它拥有一个全新的回旋燃烧室 、抗磨擦如钻石般的涂层及广泛又高效的涡轮增压器。其排气系统采用全新的废气再循环系统(EGR)。他宣称此系统可大大降低氮氧化物排放。总的来说,RZ4E-TC 1.9L Ddi Blue Power的动力提高了10%、扭力提高了9.4% ,加速快了8.2%及燃油经济提高了19%。该公司正努力推动最后的测试阶段,并计划在今年年底登陆马来西亚市场。











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