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In the Spotlight with Giti Competition Truck Driver – Martin Gibson

Martin Gibson and the Giti motorsports team are ready to return to the track for an action-packed 2nd half of 2020.

Giti Truck Racing 

Giti Tire truck racing driver Martin Gibson recently shared some of his insights about his experience and excitement with Giti truck Racing, as well as about the sport in general. Gibson and the Giti motorsports team are ready to return to the track for an action-packed 2nd half of 2020.

How did you start with truck racing?

I kind of fell into it. When I became aware that Giti produced a truck race tyre for Australia, I thought we have to introduce this to Europe. We hired 2 race trucks from Team Oliver as a demo on a dealer event in Valencia. One of the drivers couldn’t attend the event, so I volunteered to drive in his place. I got on well with the team and the truck so this led to an offer to race the truck the following year. It was a crazy opportunity that I couldn’t miss out on…… 

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佳通轮胎卡车竞赛车手马丁.吉布森(Martin Gibson)近日分享他参加佳通卡车竞赛的经验和感受,以及他对该活动的一般看法。吉布森与佳通赛车团队已经做好回到赛道的准备,参与2020年下半年的赛事。


我有点陷了进去。当我发现佳通为澳大利亚生产卡车赛车胎的时候,我就想到把它介绍到欧洲来。我们从奥利弗车队(Team Oliver)租用了两部竞技卡车,在Valencia 代理的活动上演示。其中一名赛车手无法出席该活动,我于是毛遂自荐代替了他的位子。我与卡车,还有车队相处愉快,第二年他们便邀请我参加卡车竞赛。这对我来说 无疑是个不可错过的机会…..



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