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How is Tyre Supply Going to Change in Next Few Months?

Tyre Supply Months

It’s well known that supply chains worldwide are in a difficult position.

Tyre Industry in a Post-Pandemic Future

We’re hopefully seeing some light at the end of the tunnel with shipping prices starting to fall.

Estimates show the 2021 global tyre output at 40–45 million pieces lower than 2020. The OE (Original Equipment) market is hit by the lower production value of new trucks. The aftermarket sales sector is struggling with constant price rises, leaving fleet operators to look for cheaper products. However, due to natural material price rises, even a ‘cheap’ product is no longer affordable and the supply is still limited, thanks in part to China’s frequent lockdowns, alongside which the demand in China has a significant effect. The irony is that for some businesses, post-pandemic issues became worse than during-pandemic issues and the tyre industry feels like one of those sectors.

Luckily, during the pandemic trucks had to keep rolling. They were feeding the nation and ensuring essential supplies were in the right places. Buses still ran to ferry those unfortunate enough to have to travel during lockdowns. So, tyres and the support around them (such as breakdown services) still needed to operate. For the tyre industry, this was a boost we might have taken a little bit of for advantage. In March this year, Michelin reported a drop in truck and bus (TBR) OEM sales by up to 36 per cent from the same period in 2021. This shows 2021, even during the lockdown, sales were strong. In June this year, there was also a boost in the replacement tyre market but this was due to fleets buying before a predicted rise in prices in July. This resulted in a significant slowdown in sales……

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幸运的是,在冠病大流行期间,卡车不得不继续运跑。它们为国家提供食物,确保基本物资被部署在正确的地方。公共巴士仍然在运送那些在封锁期间不得不出门的人。因此,轮胎及其援助(例如故障服务)仍需运作。对轮胎行业来说,这是一种推动,对我们可能会有一点优势。今年3月,米其林报告称,卡客车(TBR)原装配备的销售额较2021年同期下降了36%。这显示即使在封锁期间,2021 年的销售额依然很强劲。今年6月,替换轮胎市场虽有所提振,但却是因为车队公司预期轮胎价格会在7月上调而纷纷购买的缘故,结果导致轮胎的销售大大放缓……


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