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Hong Seng Group Appointed Exclusive Distributor for Shandong Heavy Industry

Hong Seng Group Shandong Industry

Hong Seng Group entered into a partnership with Shandong Heavy Industry Group recently.

Hong Seng Group Adds Products from Shantui Construction Machinery and Weichai Baudouin into its Portfolio

With the launch of China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ in 2013, Shandong seized the opportunity and strengthened its economic and trade cooperation with countries along the route. The road of mutual benefit and win-win strategy had grown progressively wider over the years. Recently, Hong Seng Group entered into a partnership with Shandong Heavy Industry Group, a leading equipment manufacturing company in China, to become the exclusive dealer in Malaysia for the products from Shantui Construction Machinery and Weichai Baudouin.

The representatives of both parties completed the distribution authorisation signing ceremony at the 2019 Shandong-Malaysia Enterprise ‘Belt and Road’ Capacity Cooperation Seminar and Shandong Heavy Industry-Weichai Power Products Coordination Promotion Conference that was held at the Setia Alam City Convention Centre in Shah Alam on 18th November, 2019.

China was Malaysia’s largest trading partner for 10 consecutive years and the biggest source of foreign investment in the manufacturing sector for three successive years. This gives Malaysia an important standing among ‘Belt and Road’ participating countries. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 45 years ago, the two countries carried out cooperation in various fields on the basis of deep friendship that boosted their relationship.

Dato Teoh Hai Hin, Group Managing Director of Hong Seng Group, said the industrial trucks manufactured in China were of good quality and low cost with simple maintenance parts, and comparable to Japanese, European and American trucks as they complied with international standards and carried relevant certification. The industry was now willing to give China industrial trucks a go. At present, China trucks made up about 15 per cent of the market in Malaysia and were expected to garner 50 per cent market share over the next five years. Therefore, China‘s trucks were seen as not only the future trend but also a style. He said the company was prepared to cooperate with the Asean Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) tariff measures and planned to enter the truck business in Asean countries in the future.

He continued that Hong Seng Group currently had 17 3S after-sales service centres, 6 parts inventory centres, 35 mobile maintenance vehicles and more than 150 professional and technical personnel. In addition, the company recently set up a training centre to prepare technical staff needed for the group’s business. As such, consumers did not have to worry about services such as after-sales vehicle maintenance. He also mentioned about expanding the company’s business to Asean markets such as Singapore and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Wang Shujian, Executive Deputy Governor of Shandong Province, said Shandong Heavy Industry Group was one of China’s leading and globally influential automotive and equipment manufacturing groups, covering power systems, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, intelligent logistics and agriculture. It was involved in seven major sectors, including equipment, luxury yachts and financial services, and was ranked first globally in the production and sale of heavy-duty engines, heavy-duty transmissions and bulldozers.

The Capacity Cooperation Seminar was organised to deepen cooperation between the two sides in various fields and promote mutual benefits and win-win results. After the briefing, the organiser hosted an appreciation dinner with nearly 1000 seats to thank Malaysian customers for their support to Hong Seng Group and its partners. In addition to the gourmet cuisine, there were lucky draws and artiste performances.


随着2013年中国“一带一路”倡议以来,山东抓住了机遇,并加强了与沿线国家的经贸合作。 多年来,互利共赢的道路越来越宽。 最近,丰成集团与中国领先的装备制造公司山东重工集团建立了合作伙伴关系,成为山推工程机械和潍柴博杜安产品在马来西亚的独家经销商。

双方代表在2019年山东- 马来西亚企业“一带一路”产能合作说明会暨山东重工 – 潍柴动力产品协同推介会议上完成了分销授权签字仪式,该会议于2019年11月18日在沙亚南的Setia Alam City Convention Center举行。

中国连续十年是马来西亚最大的贸易伙伴,也是我国连续三年来最大的外国制造业投资来源。 这使马来西亚在“一带一路”参与国中享有重要地位。 建交45年来,两国在增进友谊的深厚友谊基础上开展了各个领域的合作。

丰成集团董事总经理拿督张海兴说,中国制造的工业用卡车质量好、成本低、维护零件简单,并符合日本、欧洲和美国卡车,因为它们符合国际标准并具有相关认证。 大马许多物流业者都愿意尝试使用中国工业货卡。目前,中国卡车约占马来西亚市场的15%,预计在未来五年中将获得50%的市场份额。 因此,中国的卡车不仅被视为未来的趋势,而且被视为一种风格。 他说,该公司准备与东盟自由贸易协定(AFTA)的关税措施合作,并计划将来进入东盟国家的卡车业务。

他续说,丰成集团目前拥有17个3S售后服务中心,6个零件库存中心,35辆移动维修车和150多名专业技术人员。 此外,该公司最近建立了一个培训中心,以培训该集团业务所需的技术人员。 这样,消费者不必担心诸如售后车辆维护之类的服务。 他还透露有意将公司业务扩展到东盟市场(例如新加坡和印度尼西亚)。

同时,山东省常务副省长王书坚表示,中国领先的山东重工集团,是全球具有影响力的汽车和设备制造集团之一,业务覆盖电力系统、商用车、工程机械、智能物流和农业装备。 它涉及七个主要领域,包括设备、豪华游艇和金融服务,并在重型发动机,重型变速器及推土机生产和销售方面在全球排名第一。

通过举办产能合作研讨会,加深了双方在各个领域的合作,促进互利共赢。 简报会后,主办方举办了一个感谢晚宴,席开1,000桌,以感谢马来西亚客户对丰成集团及其合作伙伴的支持。 除了美食外,还有幸运抽奖和歌唱表演。

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