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Hendrickson Asia Pacific Introduces Wide Variety of Products

Hendrickson Asia Pacific, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of air suspensions, axle,   brake systems, springs, stabilisers and components for truck and trailers, displayed a wide variety of its product at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2017.

Among the products were the Intraax AAT 30K, Intraax AAL 30K Maxx22T, Tiremaax Pro and ZMD Zero Maintenance Damping. Mark Boon, Executive Manager, Business Development –SEA was on hand to answer the enquiries of interested visitors.

The Intraax AAT 30K is Hendrickson’s first integrated trailer suspension system, which he claimed set the industry standard for weight saving, reduced maintenance and outstanding durability. It is suitable for platforms, tankers, dumps, grain, livestock and speciality trailers for on and off highway applications, with ride heights from 13.5 to 19 inches. The raised-centre axle is available in 5-inch axle diameter only.

Also on display was the Intraax AAL 30K for drop-decks, lowboys, platforms, tankers, vans and specialty trailers in on and off highway applications. The advantages include low weight, high durability and integrated system performance with minimal maintenance. Ride heights from 6.5 to 19 inches. The raised-centre axle is also available in 5-inch axle diameter only.  

“The Intraax products are produced in the US. Currently, only two petroleum companies, Shell and Petronas, are using these products on their fuel tankers.”

Meanwhile, the Maxx22T is the company’s propriety brake calliper. According to Boon, its lightweight rotor and torque plate delivered unparalleled weight savings over ductile iron designs. Weight saving was enhanced with the Dura-Light Hub option.

“We introduced the Maxx22T to the Malaysian market through our distributor, YonMing Group, this year and the response was very encouraging,” he added.

To help the industry maintain good tyre pressures, Boon recommended the Tiremaxx Pro, an advanced tyre pressure control system. It could automatically inflate tyres using the trailer air supply. Over-inflation was prevented by relieving air from the tyre back through the controller. The company’s patented controller was designed to recognise normal pressure increase. It could constantly pressurise and equalise tyre pressures.

Last but not least was the ZMD Zero Maintenance Damping, which Boon said was the company’s exclusive ride technology that was not yet in this market.

“It can reduce suspension maintenance by eliminating shocks. Air spring performs damping function by exchanging pressurised air through channels. The advantages include uniform damping levels, reducing risk of CSA (Compliance, Safety and Accountability) violations from leaking or worn shocks, superior drive comfort, ride quality and cargo protection. It comes standard on Ultraa-K and available as option on selected Vantraax and Intraax models.” 

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