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Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Launches New Fuso FJ1828R Truck

Hap Seng Trucks Fuso Truck

The newly launched medium-duty vehicle is manufactured at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Daimler AG.

New Fuso FJ1828R Sets New Truck Standard

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd (HSTD), the general distributor of Daimler trucks in Malaysia and wholly owned subsidiary of Hap Seng Consolidated Bhd, set a new truck standard by officially launching the new Fuso FJ1828R truck with GVW of 19 tonnes. Held at the 110-year old Sentul Depot in Sentul West, the grand launch was officiated by Roland Schneider, Chief Executive of HSTD, Antonio Randazzo, Vice President of Fuso Sales, Marketing and Customer Service for South East Asia, and Ean Yong Hian Wah, Chairman of Port Klang Authority.

The newly launched medium-duty vehicle is manufactured at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Daimler AG. “Almost any industry that requires medium-duty trucks could be served with this truck,” said Schneider as well as adding that Fuso was confident the FJ1828R could serve a range of industries, from logistics companies and courier services to waste management companies, plantation, manufacturing and many more.

Schneider also announced that the new truck fused technology from Fuso and Daimler. The new truck is powered by the 6S20 6-cyclinder engine, which is a 6.4L engine packed with a unitised pump injection system that produces a power output of 280PS and torque of 1,100Nm from 1,200–1,600 rpm. Coupled with a 9-speed transmission, this engine is designed to deliver high performance while remaining fuel efficient.

Randazzo stated that Malaysia was a very vital market and ranked among the top 10 by volume in Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation markets. Market share had increased continuously over the last few years and the brand was looking at new potential areas to increase and widen its product range with the launch of FJ1828R as a start.

As remarked by fleet customers during the event, the fuel economy of the new FJ1828R was seen as outstanding and expected to set a new benchmark. The vehicle is developed to ensure increased fuel and brake efficiency with its unique engine brake operation. It is also equipped with LCD intelligent instrument cluster that displays information such as trip, mileage, neutral and reverse gear indication, fuel consumption and range. Drivers of the truck could also gauge the gear and vehicle speed with the eco meter indicator to achieve optimum fuel efficiency.

The driver’s well-being is also heavily accounted for as the FJ1828R truck comes with a cruise control switch with speed limiter that automatically maintains truck speed, thereby not only improving fuel economy but also reducing driver’s fatigue. Additionally, the cabin comes with an air suspended driver seat for better ride comfort and a foldable bunk bed for resting in the cabin.

The Fuso FJ1828R promises to deliver high performance without compromising on safety. The truck is equipped with LED daytime running light (DRL) to improve vehicle visibility on the road, front and rear stabilisers to ensure vehicle stability at high speeds and during cornering, differential lock button to enhance tyre traction on muddy and wet roads, and Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) to prevent wheels lock-up and reduce stopping distance on slippery surfaces.

The vehicle is powered by Daimler technology. The truck is made of heavy-duty chassis to provide load bearing ability. The longer service intervals reduce maintenance costs of the Fuso FJ1828R and vehicle uptime is increased.


合成卡车分销私人有限公司(HSTD), 戴姆勒卡车的马来西亚总经销商与它的独资子公司合成统一有限公司,通过正式发布车全重19吨的全新扶桑FJ1828R卡车,刷新卡车记录。该发布会在位于冼都西部,拥有110年历史的冼都百年車站盛大举行 ,并由合成卡车分销首席执行长施耐德(Roland Schineideer) 、扶桑东南亚区行销及客户服务副总裁蓝达佐(Antonio Randazzo)及巴生港务局主席欧阳捍华主持开幕。


施耐德说,该款新车采用扶桑和戴姆勒科技。搭载6S20 6缸引擎,6.4升引擎组合式泵喷射系统,最大输出功率280马力,最大扭矩1,100Nm对应的转速范围介于1,200至1,600rpm之间。 匹配9速变速箱,此引擎的设计在提供高性能的同时,也非常节油。


就如客户在该活动中所评论的,全新FJ1828R将凭借着它卓越的燃油经济表现设定新基准。其独特的引擎制动操作和设计,可提高燃油和刹车效率。它还配备LCD 智能数字仪表板,显示信息如旅程、里程数、空档和倒档指示、油耗及范围。卡车司机也可通过eco 仪指示来评估变速和车速,实现最优燃油效率。




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