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Hap Seng Commercial Vehicle Opens 3S Centre in Kuantan

The new HSCV 3S Centre (Kuantan) facilitates sales, service, maintenance and repairs for both Mercedes-Benz and Fuso commercial vehicles.

HSCV 3S Centre Opens for Business

Hap Hap Seng Trucks Distribution (HSTD) and its authorised dealer, Hap Seng Commercial Vehicle (HSCV), recently held an opening ceremony for a 3S centre in the East Coast region.  The opening of the HSCV 3S Centre in Kuantan is seen as a testament of HSTD’s confidence in the long-term business potential in the East Coast Economic Region. 

Strategically located, the HSCV 3S Centre (Kuantan) facilitates sales, service, maintenance and repairs for both Mercedes-Benz and Fuso commercial vehicles. 

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution provides commercial vehicles that are reliable with economic efficiency as well as first-class products and service qualities. We are proud to unveil the opening of a new 3S centre in the East Coast of Malaysia with our authorised dealer Hap Seng Commercial Vehicle. This dedicated 3S facility would further strengthen our position as we continue to expand our presence in Malaysia. Through our valued dealer partnership, we are very pleased to launch the new 3S commercial vehicle centre that would provide the highest quality after-sales service to live up to the tagline, ‘Trucks you can trust’ ,” said its Chief Executive, Roland Schneider. 

HSTD is seen as a strong contributor to the development of the nation’s automotive sector. The launch of the Hap Seng Commercial Vehicle 3S Centre in Kuantan comes as another positive investment with the potential to benefit the East Coast Economic Region’s (ECER) goal of spearheading the region’s socio-economic development. 

“Our passion for excellence is a major driving force behind the success of the Mercedes-Benz and Fuso commercial vehicle brands. We are very happy to bring the brands’ confidence and reliability to our customers in the East Coast. We understand the needs of our commercial vehicle customers whose businesses rely heavily on their vehicles. The Hap Seng Commercial Vehicle 3S Centre (Kuantan) is a testament to our dedication to bring unparalleled offerings and services closer to our customers,” said Chief Operating Officer of HSCV Wong Leh Seng. 

The Hap Seng Commercial Vehicle 3S Centre (Kuantan) is located along Jalan Industri Semambu 1, Kawasan Perindustrian Semambu, Kuantan.


合成商用车关丹开设3S 中心


合成卡车分销(HSTD)和其授权代理商合成商用车(HSCV)近日为东海岸的3S中心举行开幕典礼。 该关丹3S中心的开业,证明了合成卡车分销对东海岸经济区长期经济成长的信心。

位于策略性地点的HSCV 3S中心(关丹)将负责马赛地和扶桑商用车的销售、服务、养护及修理。

“合成卡车分销提供可靠和具经济效益的商用车,以及一流的产品和服务品质。能与我们的授权代理合成商用车联手,为关丹的新3S 中心举行开幕仪式使我们感到无比自豪。 随着我们继续在马来西亚扩展业务,这家3S中心将进一步巩固我们的地位。透过我们尊贵的代理伙伴,我们很开心地推介这家可提供最高品质的售后服务,实现我们的标语—‘你可信赖的卡车’ 的全新3S商用车中心。”首席执行长施耐德(Roland Schneider) 表示。

HSTD 为我国汽车领域作出了强大的贡献。合成商用车在关丹的3S 中心是另一个正面的投资,具有带头推动东海岸经济区(ECER) 经济发展目标的潜能。

“我们追求卓越的热情,正是马赛地和扶桑商用车品牌成功的主要推动力。我们很开心能为东海岸的客户带来这两大充满信心和可靠性的品牌。我们了解商用车客户的需求,他们的业务非常依赖商用车。合成商用车3S中心(关丹)是我们立志为客户带来无与伦比的产品和服务的证明 。”HSCV 首席营运主管黄礼成说。

合成商用车3S中心(关丹)位于Jalan Industri Semambu 1,关丹Semambu 工业区。







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