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Guizhou Tyre Sees Ample Growth Opportunities in Malaysia

Guizhou Tyre

Samson truck tyres received tremendous sales of more than RM10 million in just one year.

Guizhou Tyre Company to Bring in Advance Truck Tyre Brands

Guizhou Tyre Company Limited, the manufacturer of Samson and Advance truck tyre brands, made its debut in the Malaysian truck tyre market last year through its authorised dealers.

KKT Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd and Seng WK Marketing Sdn Bhd are our two official dealers for the Malaysian market. The response was overwhelming since the launch of Samson truck tyres and we achieved tremendous sales of more than RM10 million in just one year. As a new tyre brand that had just entered the local truck market, we saw great growth potential with such impressive results,” said Guizhou Tyre Malaysia Representative Yen Kim Lun.

Samson truck tyres, he pointed out, were targeted at the high-end market segment. He admitted that the pricing was higher compared to other Chinese truck tyre brands. “Guizhou Tyre deploys smart manufacturing technology in its factories, focusing on the application of big data in the context of 5G and deepening the application of AI and production as well as industrial robots. With advanced equipment, more advanced production processes, higher environmentally friendly emission standards and the most advanced technological standards, Guizhou Tyre’s Vietnam plant is geared to produce high quality and premium truck and bus tyres. You get what you pay for. Our tyres are good in quality with higher mileage, fuel efficiency and low rolling resistance. In addition, with tyres that could travel beyond 500,000km for long haul, Guizhou Tyre was the first tyre manufacturer in China to win an excellent mileage award from the Chinese government. Our tyres are retreadable, therefore they are cost effective and value for money….”

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贵州轮胎马来西亚代表袁锦伦表示:“KKT橡胶工业有限公司和Seng WK行销私人有限公司是我们在马来西亚市场的两家授权代理商。大力士卡车轮胎自推出以来反应热烈,我们在短短一年内实现了超过 1千万令吉的巨大销售额。作为刚刚进入本地卡车市场的新轮胎品牌,能够取得了如此骄人的成绩,让我们看到了巨大的增长潜力。”



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