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Grab Haulier Connects Freight Forwarders and Hauliers at the Click of a Button

Grab Haulier aims to make logistics operation smarter, more reliable and faster. 

Grab Haulier Sees Good Prospects in International Trade 

Logistics is a highly complex industry, as it involves many activities and parties, often with conflicting interests and priorities, as well as the use of different systems to handle and track a shipment. All these have affected the efficiency and productivity of the industry.

Is there a way to streamline the entire process? Or, can we make our logistics operations smarter, more reliable and faster? This is where Grab Haulier comes into play.

“We see good prospects in international trade. Malaysia’s exports and imports have experienced tremendous growth over the years, which has fuelled the rapid development of the logistics industry. The numbers of containers that need to be transported and shipped have increased significantly. However, the industry is facing various challenges, such as the scarcity of hauliers, capacity constraints, constant increases in freight prices and efficiency of the workflow,” said founder and Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Kang….. 

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Grab Haulier轻松连接货运代理与运输商



有没有办法简化整个过程?或者,可以使我们的物流运作得更智能、更可靠、更快吗?这正是Grab Haulier能够发挥所长的地方。


江荣冠指出,货运代理很难找到合适的运输商,而运输商则试图寻找能够及时付款的货运代理。 “这个行业仍然相当传统,许多货运代理和物流公司导致该行业停滞不前。我们了解这个行业和业务,以及人们的日常工作。手动订购和集装箱跟踪,复杂的订购过程以及通信故障不仅会带来不必要的挫败感,还会影响工作绩效。因此,我们看到了将货运代理和运输商之间的‘噩梦’数字化的重要性,我们决定抓住这个商机…..。”




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