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Giti Truck Tires Take on Top European Competition

Giti Tire has brought its commercial truck and bus competition tyres to Europe for the first time, taking on top competition around the continent! The BTRA Truck Racing series kicked off earlier this year with races in England and Wales, and Giti also took on the Truck Grand-Prix at the world famous Nürburgring track in Germany on the weekend of 29th June-1st Jul. Following that, there would be five additional races throughout the season until November.

The Truck Grand-Prix in Germany is one of the largest races of its type in the world, gathering 115,000 spectators during its 2017 edition. 2018 would be Giti Tire’s first participation in the series, with the company sponsoring two upgraded trucks – a Volvo RH13 and SCANIA P1150, each fully branded in Giti’s colours and fitted with specially-designed GitiCompete Race-Tuned V1 tyres. The tyres were tuned for race conditions through extensive development and testing, and Giti was promoted on other branding activities during the event. This race was a return to the famous German track for Giti, who just a few weeks earlier had a successful appearance at the 24 Hours Nürburgring with two branded Lamborghini Huracán vehicles. Three industry truck racers are driving Giti’s trucks in the European competition this year. First is the renowned driver Stuart Oliver, a 10-time British champion who also has wins in the USA at Pikes Peak, India and elsewhere in Europe. Stuart’s son, Michael Oliver, has also joined the team. Michael has followed in his father’s successful footsteps, including winning the BTRA Rookie of the Year award in 2016. Finally, Martin Wilson, Giti Europe Testing Center manager is attempting commercial truck racing for the first time this year. However, he has a great deal of car and motorcycle racing experience, including the VW Fun Cup, VLN Nürburgring Endurance Championship, and All-Terrain Rally Challenge, among others. Giti Tire’s participation in the Grand-Prix and other events in the BTRA Truck Racing series is said to provide the opportunity for the company to showcase the strengths of its tyres to truck drivers and enthusiasts throughout Europe as well as further analyse its truck and bus tyre racing performance. From the drivers’ feedback so far, the Giti tyres performed very well on the wet conditions of the track in their debut, giving them confidence.




佳通轮胎第一次将其商用卡客车竞技轮胎带到欧洲,参与欧洲最顶级的比赛。BTRA 卡车竞赛系列在今年初开跑以来,先后在英国和威尔士举行,而佳通轮胎也将参加在6月29日至7月1日于德国著名纽博格林赛道举行的卡车锦标赛(Truck Grand-Prix)。紧接着将有另外5场赛事,直到整个赛季于11月落幕。

德国卡车锦标赛是世界最大型的卡车比赛,2017年的赛事吸引了115,00名观众 。2018年是佳通第一次参加此系列比赛,赞助两辆升级版卡车 –富豪RH13和斯堪尼亚P1150。这两部卡车都分别绘上佳通的企业颜色和安装上特别设计的GitiCompete Race-Tuned V1 轮胎。该款轮胎是透过广泛的研发和测试,按照竞赛状况进行调整的轮胎,而佳通也在获得在该赛事其他活动中推广其品牌的机会。佳通在前几星期凭借着其轮胎与两辆兰博基尼Huracan的完美搭配,以胜利之姿完成纽博格林赛道24小时耐力赛征战,如今该赛事让佳通再次回到德国著名的赛道。

三名工业卡车赛车将在今年的欧洲比赛中驾驶佳通卡车。首名车手是著名的10次英国冠军车手奥利弗(Stuart Oliver),他曾在美国派克峰(Pikes Peak)、印度及欧洲其他地方的比赛中胜出。他的儿子麦克(Michael Oliver)如今也加入了车队。所谓虎父无犬子,麦克的表现也相当杰出,并曾于2016年赢得BTRA年度新人奖。最后是第一次参与卡车竞赛的佳通欧洲测试中心经理威尔森(Martini Wilson) 。虽然如此,威尔森却拥有相当丰富的汽车和摩托车赛车经验,包括VW Fun Cup、VLN Nurburgring Endurance Championship和全地形拉力挑战等。



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