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Fuso Ez-Own Truck Financing

Financed by HSC, Fuso Ez-Own Truck Financing is the first telematics financing programme in Malaysia.

Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Partners with AXA

A signing ceremony was held recently involving Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd (HSTD), AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad (AXA) and Hap Seng Credit Sdn Bhd (HSC) to introduce Fuso Ez-Own Truck Financing.

The scheme allows business owners to own a Fuso truck easily with financing and insurance programme. Financed by HSC, Fuso Ez-Own Truck Financing is the first telematics financing programme in Malaysia. The purchaser of a Fuso truck only needs to pay RM100 down-payment for the vehicle’s hire purchase loan, making the owning of a Fuso truck very affordable particularly for new start-ups.

Included in the monthly loan instalments from HSC is a 5 years motor insurance premium to smoothen the cash requirements when it is time to renew the insurance. This gives the truck driver and owner peace of mind on the road without having to worry about not having enough cash for insurance renewal. Any excess insurance premium collected during the period would be refunded to the purchaser at the end of the loan tenure. In addition, a personal accident coverage with RM50,000 worth of protection is underwritten by AXA and bundled in the motor insurance scheme to protect the Fuso light commercial vehicle driver/owner in any road mishap and accident.

Fuso Ez-Own Truck Financing comes with a vehicle telematics security device installed in the truck to offer comprehensive protection to inculcate safe driving behaviour among Fuso truck drivers and understand their driving habits better. This is an advanced technology that captures the vehicle’s usage data such as the truck driver’s behaviour, location, distance travelled, driving pattern, fuel consumption and many more on a trip-by-trip basis.

The device is equipped with a collision sensor to automatically alert the 24 hours, 7 days control centre in an accident. Once the control centre is informed, it could assist in the dispatch of an emergency medical ambulance to the collision site if required. If a thief is trying to steal the truck, the vehicle’s alarm would make a loud noise and the device would provide real-time alert to the owner via the mobile application installed. If the truck is stolen, the control centre would start tracking the vehicle and immediately co-ordinate with the police to recover it.

Roland Schneider, Chief Executive of HSTD, attested that the financing scheme was aimed at offering a simple yet affordable protection solution to Fuso truck drivers. “Truck drivers in Malaysia are among the most trained and highly skilled, but they are under protected due to the lack of awareness and accessibility to affordable protection solutions. Our collaboration with AXA and HSC ties back to our mission to leverage on innovative product offerings to address the drivers’ needs while giving them peace of mind on the road,” said Roland.

Emmanuel Nivet, CEO of AXA, added: “As commercial vehicle transportation continues to grow in Malaysia, crash rates involving commercial vehicles remain high. It is important for us, as an insurer, to promote inclusivity and responsible driving behaviour to all road users, including light commercial vehicle drivers to mitigate the high accident and road fatality rate. Together with our partner HSTD, we are committed to deliver our shared goal of providing added value and protection to our customers, at the same time making our roads safer for all.”

Through the collective efforts of AXA and HSC, Fuso Ez-Own Truck Financing is promoted at all Fuso dealerships across Malaysia, AXA insurance agents and HSC branch offices nationwide, with all Fuso Canter trucks sold being fitted with the telematics device.

For more information on the financing scheme, visit the nearest Fuso authorised dealer nationwide or






包含在每月分期付款的数额中的是5年的汽车保险费,让业主在需要更新保险时减少现金需求。这让卡车司机和车主能够安心行驶,无需担心需要更新保险时现金不足。在这段期间业主所支付超出原本保费的额外数额,都会在贷款期限届满时退回。此外,包含在汽车保险计划内的有安盛艾芬普通保险公司提供的50,000令吉人身意外保险 ,在发生任何意外事故中保护扶桑轻型商用车司机/车主。

扶桑Ezy-Own卡车融资将附带安装在卡车上的车辆远程信息处理安全装置,为扶桑卡车司机提供全面保护,灌输安全的驾驶行为。通过该远程信息处理安全装置,协助司机更了解他们的驾驶行为。它透过先进技术获取车辆的使用数据如卡车司机每一次出行的司机行为、地点、行驶距离、驾驶方式、油耗等。 该装置还配备碰撞传感器,可在发生交通事故时,自动向24/7控制中心发出求救信息。一旦控制中心获得通知,它就会在需要时提供派出紧急医疗救护车到事发现场的协助。如果有人企图偷车,车辆的警铃会大响,该装置也会透过车主所安装的手机应用程式,提供实时警告。如果卡车被偷,控制中心将追踪该车辆,并马上联络警方,将它寻回。

合成卡车分销私人有限公司首席执行员施耐德(Roland Schneider)表示,此融资计划旨在为扶桑卡车司机提供一个既简单又负担得起的保护方案。他说:“马来西亚的卡车司机都经过高度培训和拥有熟练的技术,然而他们却因为对负担得起的保护方案缺乏认识和可及性而没有受到良好的保护。我们与安盛艾芬普通保险和合成信贷的合作, 与我们利用创新产品供应满足司机需求,让他们安心行车的使命息息相关。”

安盛艾芬普通保险首席执行员尼维特(Emmanuel Nivet)补充;“随着大马商用车运输的持续增长,商用车交通事故率也会一直很高。作为保险公司,向所有的道路使用者,包括轻型卡车司机推广包容性和负责任的驾驶行为 ,降低高居不下的事故率和道路死亡率很重要。我们和我们的伙伴– 合成卡车分销,将致力实现我们的共同目标,那就是为客户提供附加值和保护,使我们的道路变得更加安全。”


更多有关该融资计划的信息, 登录www.fuso.my或向你临近的授权代理商询问。





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