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Four Common Misconceptions with Compressed Air Systems

Misconceptions Compressed Air Systems

Instant Scaffolds & Machinery advise on key considerations to take into account when purchasing an air compressor.

The Importance of Having Efficient Air Compressor

Air Compressors are widely used in the automotive industry, being not limited only to applications in production and assembly lines but are also commonly used in repair and maintenance operations. In Malaysia, Loh Jian Wei, Business Development Manager of Instant Scaffolds & Machinery Sdn Bhd (ISM) notes, most local workshops are using Piston Air Compressors.

Truck & Bus News recently talked to Loh to learn a little more about common misconceptions about air compressors within the automotive industry and the importance of choosing the right one.

According to ISM’s own in-house research, the majority of air compressors are not being properly maintained, and yet they are used in many important repair and maintenance processes. From this it is clear that the majority of the industry still does not see the importance of having an efficient air compressor, in terms of productivity and cost saving.

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Instant Scaffolds & Machinery就购买空气压缩机时需要考虑的关键因素提供建议。

广泛应用于汽车行业的空压机,并非仅限于生产线和装配线的应用,还常用于维修和保养操作。Instant Scaffolds & Machinery 私人有限公司(ISM)业务发展经理罗建伟指出,大多数的马来西亚修车厂都在使用活塞式空压机。


根据 ISM 的内部研究,大多数的空压机没有得到适当的维护,但它们却被用来进行许多重要的维修和养护。由此可见,大多数行业仍然没看到拥有高效空压机,在生产力和成本节约方面的重要性…….

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