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Fortune Everlink Introduces New Jianxin JX359 at MCVE

Fortune Everlink, the distributor of Jianxin tyres in Malaysia, made its debut at the recent Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) at the Mines Convention Centre.

Taking centre stage was the new Jianxin JX359 tyre of size 295/80R22.5, which was said to be developed according to Malaysian conditions. It is an all-position radial tyre, suitable for trucks and vans for short to middle distance runs as well as on/off-road applications. Featuring a specially designed tyre construction that helps to withstand impact and fatigue, the treads also have a unique compound to resist cuts and chipping.

“The reasons for us to be here is to gain exposure, promote the Jianxin brand and create brand awareness as well as grow our market. Compared to the other Chinese brands, Jianxin tyres come with a manufacturer’s warranty and SIRIM MS 1394 certification. Jianxin tyres are good in quality, durable and high in mileage. Excellent load performance is achieved through the specially designed bead structure. We would continue to develop more patterns to cater for the Malaysian market. Furthermore, it is retreadable,” said General Manager Chua Hanson.

The company also displayed two retreaded tyres to show that the Jianxin tyre casings are retreadable.

“Our aim is to become a total solutions provider for our customers so that they could concentrate on their core business. With our own retreading plant, Pylon industries Sdn Bhd that is based in Pasir Gudang, we are able to provide our customers with quality retread service. We are certified by SIRIM under the Product Certification scheme for Malaysia Standard MS224,” he added.

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