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February Marks a Stable Period for Commercial Vehicle Production and Sales

There was very little change in commercial vehicle production and sales for February, with sales in February 2022 almost identical to February 2021 levels, while there was a mere 0.1% drop in production for the same period, in newly released figures by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA).

Year-to-Date Commercial Vehicle Sales Clearly Ahead of 2021 Levels

With 3,846 commercial vehicle sales in February 2022, this is a slight drop from the 3,898 units in February 2021. Looking to the year-to-date total so far in 2022, this amounts to a slight drop in 2021, with 7,352 units against 7,378 units by this time in February 2021.

Commercial vehicle sales in February just edged out 2021’s benchmark with 4,899 against 4,894. With the year-to-date figures for 2022, there have been 11,812 units against 8,869 units, making for a 33% increase so far this year.

The MAA notes that auto companies are revving up production to fulfil backlogged orders, while March looks set to be a stronger year for sales due to a combination of more working days and the end of the financial year.

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