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Electric Light Trucks “eCanter” Delivered Has Reached 300 Globally

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Co., Ltd. stated that the number of electric light trucks “eCanter” delivered globally has reached 300 units.

More Than 300 “eCanter” in Operation Globally 

MFTBC held an event “Sustainable Mobility Forum” to consider sustainable mobility and transportation, and IKEA Japan Co., Ltd. announced the use of “eCanter” in Japan and Europe and the company’s carbon neutralisation. The “eCanter“, which is electrically driven and does not emit any exhaust gas and can travel about 100km on a single charge. It is used in various industries and logistics needs, from waste disposal to small-lot delivery in urban areas. Due to this characteristic, “eCanter” has been proven to be useful for urban transportation while contributing to noise and emission reduction in urban areas. 

In addition, “eCanter“, which has less noise and vibration, is suitable for driving routes that start and stop frequently, and for early morning and late night operations. Logistics company DB Schenker operates the largest global “eCanter“. IKEA Japan will use two “eCanters” owned by the company for delivering products to stores in Yokohama and Tokyo, and one owned by the company’s logistics partner will be used for delivery to customers in the Kanto area. The advanced vision of delivery needs and sustainability in these companies is in line with the characteristics of “eCanter“. Drivers have also commented that because it has less vibration and is easier to accelerate, driving is smoother and less tiring, and maintenance costs and energy costs have been reduced compared to conventional diesel vehicles. The cumulative mileage of “eCanter” so far has reached more than 4 million km in total all over the world.

ECanter” is a pioneer in the electrification of the product lineup promoted by MFTBC. As a leader in zero-emission transportation, MFTBC stated that the company will realise a sustainable future with the vision of making all new vehicles sold in Japan into CO2-neutral vehicles that do not emit CO2 when driving by 2039. MFTBC will utilise the valuable evaluations from customers such as DB Schenker and IKEA Japan for future improvements of “eCanter” and reflect them in the electrification of other models in the future. MFTBC launched the first domestic light-duty electric truck “eCanter” in 2017, and then launched a new model equipped with advanced safety devices in August 2020. The company is currently working on the development of a next-generation model with upgrades, including an expansion of the vehicle lineup.

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