Eleanor Chen: The Powerhouse behind Scania Taiwan’s Exceptional Customer Service

With an F&B Management degree, Eleanor Chen’s customer service approach at Scania Taiwan is based on hospitality.

It’s About Making Personal Commitment, Building a Connection, and Earning Trust

Scania Taiwan Miaoli’s Customer Service Advisor, Eleanor Chen, is the powerhouse behind the company workshop’s exceptional customer service. With seven years under her belt, she is a seasoned pro at turning challenges into triumphs.

Eleanor’s career began in the hospitality industry, where she mastered the art of customer service at renowned establishments like W Hotel and Hyatt Hotel – where premium service is the norm. From bartender to assistant manager, she progressed, refining her skills with each step.

Working shifts in hospitality made it hard for her to spend time with family and friends, especially on holidays. Eleanor craved a new challenge, a change of pace. That was when she found herself at Scania, bringing her fine customer service skills to the table, where her world of vehicle maintenance and repair began.

Eleanor shares her experience, “Being at the forefront of our workshop’s customer service is quite a change from the hotel industry. It is less about the physical strain and more about engaging my mind, thinking over various scenarios. I have grown to be more patient, especially when managing challenging situations. For me, it’s about making a personal commitment to our customers, building a connection, earning their trust, and showing them that at Scania, we genuinely care about their needs and concerns.”

A Lifelong Learner Suited for Scania

She faces new challenges head-on. Technical jargon? Not a problem anymore. Angry customers? She turns their frowns upside down. She is grateful to have a loyal following of customers who trust her guidance. They are partners in her journey. Thanks to her determination and the help of her team, she mastered the ins and outs of vehicle maintenance and repair.

Eleanor holds a Food & Beverage Management degree from the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism. She has cultivated a foundation in customer-centric principles, refined her critical thinking skills, and developed a keen awareness of diverse cultural values. She is a lifelong learner, and when she is not working, she is diving into knowledge. She sharpens her English and tech skills using YouTube and Google Translate to stay on top of her game. Plus, she has a stash of notes, like a treasure trove of wisdom, to back her up. Why? To provide the best service possible to the customers.

It is clear Eleanor is a people person. Whether it is in the hotels or a vehicle workshop. She thrives on the international vibe at Scania, connecting with individuals from all corners of the globe. With customers and co-workers, every day is a new opportunity to make a difference.

Her day starts early, hitting the gym at 5:30 am to kickstart a day filled with mental and physical balance. “I feel that working out helps to calm me down. Then, I come to work with a clear and focused mind,” says Eleanor. She also enjoys cooking and has a great Instagram account displaying all her tempting dishes.

Eleanor’s philosophy is to build trust, and everything else will fall into place. She demonstrates that customer service is not merely a job; it is a passion and a commitment. She has also shown that it is possible to switch careers, learn new things, and succeed in different industries.

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