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Double Celebration for Sin Chu Hin Group

The first Apollo Truck Tyre Zone (ATTZ) in Malaysia was opened recently in Batu Pahat.  

Shin Chu Hin Opens the First Apollo Truck Tyre Zone in Malaysia

Johor-based Sin Chu Hin Group enjoyed a double celebration recently with the opening of the company’s sixth outlet in Batu Pahat and its 80 years of success in business. The new outlet is also the first Apollo Truck Tyre Zone (ATTZ) in Malaysia, a one-stop solution centre for tyres on commercial fleets.

Established in 1938 at Jalan Sultanah, Batu Pahat by Neo Kuang Koon, Sin Chu Hin had a humble beginning. With only 2-3 staff, the company started by repairing tyres, before expanding to passenger car and truck tyres and battery retailing as well as tyre servicing. Over the years, Sin Chu Hin grew tremendously under the leadership of Director Neo Tiang Keng and Neo Tiam Soo as well as Managing Director Neo Lim Song.

Today, the Group has 6 services centres under its umbrella with more than 100 employees, all located in Batu Pahat. Its second centre, which was set up in 1985 along Jalan Chengal, has become its headquarters. The Group says its aim is to provide the best one-stop services for its ‘valuable’ passenger car and commercial vehicle customers.




柔佛新聚兴集团近日庆祝双喜,除了热烈庆祝其第六间位于峇株巴辖的分行开幕外,也庆祝该集团80年的辉煌业绩。这家新分行,也是大马第一家Apollo Truck Tyre Zone(ATTZ) ,阿波罗商用车轮胎的一站式解决方案。

1938年,Neo Kuang Koon创立新聚兴,当时位于Sultanah路的它规模很小,只有2-3名员工。该公司从修理轮胎起家,之后才从事轿车、卡车轮胎、电池零售及轮胎维修。这些年来,新聚兴在董事Neo Tiang Keng 和Neo Tia没 Soo的带领下 成长迅速。

今天,该集团旗下有6家服务中心 和超过100名员工,全都位于峇株巴辖。它的第二间分店在1985年开设于Chengal路,目前是新聚兴集团的总部。该集团表示,它的目标是为其尊贵的轿车和商用车客户提供最好的一站式服务。


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