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Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Malaysia Introduces New VL 450 Prime Mover

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Malaysia

Building on the successful Kinland 375, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Malaysia has recently brought in the new Dongfeng VL 450.

Dongfeng VL 450 with Higher Horsepower & Loading Capacity Now Available in Malaysia

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle (M) Sdn. Bhd (DFCVM) has recently brought in the new Dongfeng VL 450 to cater for the growing demand for more horsepower and a higher loading capacity prime mover.

DFCVM has been selling the Kinland 375 4X2 and 6X2 in the prime mover segment since 2012, and to date we have sold more than 300 units of them in Malaysia. We are proud to fuel many of our customers’ business growth with our Kinland 375 in various industries, including haulage, transportation and the logistics segment,” said Managing Director Lim Khoon Yee.

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大马东风商用车推出全新VL 450牵引车

东风商用车(马)私人有限公司(DFCVM)近期引进全新东风 VL 450,以迎合市场对更大马力与更高载荷牵引车不断增长的需求。

“自2012年以来,马来西亚东风商用车就一直在销售天龙375 4X2 和 6X2 牵引车。截至目前为止,我们已经在大马销售了超过300辆。我们为能以天龙375推动各个不同领域,包括集装箱、运输及物流等客户的业务增长而深感自豪。”董事经理林君玉表示….。


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