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DHL Supply Chain Malaysia Invests in FUSO Trucks to Fuel Expansion Plan

DHL Supply Chain Malaysia has added 8 FUSO trucks to its fleet.

DHL Supply Chain Malaysia : FUSO is a Reliable Brand

DHL Supply Chain Malaysia, part of the Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) Group, recently acquired 8 FUSO trucks to meet the growing market for its services this year.  

Established in 1969, the company provides supply chain management and third-party logistics to reduce the complexity for its customers and to add value. It offers a broad portfolio including warehouse operations and domestic distribution as well as value added services such as Lead Logistics Partner (LLP), Real Estate Solutions, technical services, service logistics and packaging solutions for strategic industry sectors. 

DHL Supply Chain is growing very fast. This year up to April, which is only a four-month span, our business achieved a 30-per cent growth. Our domestic distribution sales were fuelled by our warehousing service and we expect more growth in the coming months. Therefore, this is the right move at the right time to invest and start building our own fleet to have full control of the transportation system. This would enable us to carry out our digitalisation agenda such as the telematics system to provide better services for customers,” said Managing Director Mario Lorenz….. 

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DHL供应链马来西亚,Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) 集团的一部分,近期购买了8 辆 扶桑卡车,以满足今年不断增长的服务市场。 

该公司成立于1969 年,提供供应链管理和第三方物流,以降低客户的复杂性并增加价值。它提供广泛的服务,包括仓库运营和国内配送,以及增值服务如领先物流合作伙伴 (LLP)、房地产解决方案、技术服务、服务物流和策略行业部门的包装解决方案。 

董事经理洛伦兹 (Mario Lorenz) 说:“DHL供应链发展非常迅速。截至今年4月份,仅仅四个月的时间,我们的业务就实现了30%的增长。我们的仓储服务推动了我们的国内分销销售,我们预计未来几个月会有更多的增长。因此,在这时投资并建立我们自己的车队以完全控制运输系统是正确举措,而且正合时宜。这将使我们得以落实我们的数字化议程,例如远程信息处理系统,为客户提供更好的服务……”


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