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DFSK Super Cab Makes Inroads into Malaysia

In the effort to widen its collection, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has added DFSK Super Cab into its product portfolio.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Malaysia Adds DFSK Super Cab into its Product Portfolio 

Managing Director Lim Khoon Yee revealed that the company did a survey on the usage habits of the Malaysian commercial pickup segment before they decided to bring in the DFSK Super Cab.

“We found out that the cargo capacity for a pickup is generally between 2-3 tonnes with maximum capacity around 3 tonnes, and the average daily mileage for a pickup user is between 100 to 300 km.  90 per cent of the commercial pick-up users are drivers, whilst the remaining 10 per cent are owners and mostly travel between rural and urban areas,” he said.

The cargo volume, fuel consumption, power, appearance, interior and design, he pointed out are the product factors that directly influence customer purchase decision, while the non-product aspects are a low payment rate, good resale value, easy repair and maintenance, as well as a reference group.  Super Cab, he stressed, is the new generation pickup of DFSK that offers best-in-class power, loading capacity, cabin space and superior quality. Compared to the other brands, it not only meets but far surpasses the above-mentioned needs and requirements.

“The Super Cab can be used in a versatile manner, such as transporting heavy goods like construction materials, furniture and heavy equipment that require strong chassis, strong engine power and large payload. Carrying agricultural goods, plants, animal husbandry, perishable food is also viable as the Cab can withstand corrosions of materials, whilst offering a large cargo space to ensure maximum transportation with minimum downtime. It is also ideal for micro businesses including night market traders, wholesalers and retail businesses, electronic digital products, clothing, daily necessities and the food truck business. Last but not least is the servicing industry, for example catering, expedition and even use as a mobile advertising truck, just to name a few…..”  

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东风小康Super Cab进军马来西亚


东风商用车(马)私人有限公司努力扩充其产品供应,将东风小康Super Cab添加到其产品组合中。

董事经理林君玉透露,在决定将东风小康Super Cab引进大马前,该公司针对马来西亚商用皮卡领域的使用习惯展开了调查。

他说:“我们发现一般的皮卡载重量介于2-3吨之间,最大载荷约为3吨。皮卡用户的日常里程数介于100至300公里之间。商用皮卡用户中,司机占了90%,其余的10% 是业主,大部分往来于城乡之间。”

他指出,货运量、油耗、动力、外观、内饰和设计都是直接影响客户购买决定的产品因素,而非产品因素是低付款率、转售价值好、容易养护与修理,以及作为参照组。他强调说,Super Cab是东风小康的新一代皮卡,拥有同类产品中最佳的动力、载荷、驾驶室空间及卓越的品质。与其他的品牌相比,它不仅只是迎合,而是远远超越上述需求。

“Super Cab的用途广泛,比如需要强大底盘、引擎动力及大载荷来运输的重型货物像是建筑材料、家俱及重型设备。它也适合用来运载农产品、植物、畜牧、易腐食品,因为除了拥有可抗腐蚀材料的驾驶室,还具备大的运货空间,确保最大的运输量和最低的停机时间。对微型企业,包括夜市商人、批发商、零售业务、电子数码产品、服装、日常必需品及美食卡车业务来说也很理想。最后是服务业如包伙食、用于探险或作为流动广告卡车等…..。


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