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Dayun E3 Pure Electric Cargo Truck

The Dayun E3 is a 4×2 electric cargo truck powered by CATL lithium ion phosphate batteries. 

Dayun E3 Uses the Best Battery

At the recently concluded CAPAS 2019, Chengdu Dayun Automobile Group Co, Ltd successfully drew traffic to its booth with its new Dayun E3 pure electric cargo truck.

Launched in December last year, the Dayun E3 is a 4×2 electric cargo truck powered by CATL lithium ion phosphate batteries, which Sales Manager Dong Weidong claimed were the best locally made batteries. Featuring a modern design, he pointed out that Dayun E3 was powerful, generated low noise and came with operational cost that was much lower compared to a traditional diesel truck. It was seen as ideal for the transportation of general cargo.

“With a battery capacity of 82.43kWh, top speed is capped at 80km/h, allowing a maximum cruising distance of 305km, or when fully loaded (load capacity 1370kg), up to 220km. A quick full charge would take about 2 hours.”

In responding to the care of the environment and market trend, Dong added that the company started to enter the electric vehicle segment in 2016. Of course, he said, the Chinese government played an important role by coaxing buyers and manufacturers into the electric vehicle market through regulations, subsidies and other incentives.

“The Chinese government is targeting heavy polluting trucks with new guidelines on reducing emissions and aims to completely put a stop to diesel trucks entering the cities in 2021. Chengdu and many cities in China have already banned diesel trucks from entering the city during peak hours but electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles are not restricted. This has not only fuelled R&D but also the sales of new energy vehicles.”

The Dayun Group is a Chinese conglomerate based in Yuncheng, Shanxi and founded in 1987 under the name, Shanxi Dayun Automotive Manufacturer Co, Ltd. According to Dong, the company started manufacturing motorcycles in the late 80s to 90s before venturing into commercial vehicles. Today, through its subsidiaries, the Group manufactured heavy trucks, light trucks, motorcycles and engines, and was involved in real estate and travel.

Chengdu Dayun Automotive Group, he said, commonly known as Dayun Light Truck, was a division of the Dayun Group that was established in 2009.

“The Dayun Group has 3 production facilities, located in Yuncheng, Shiyan and Chengdu, which focus separately on the production of heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty trucks,” he added.

Apart from the electric cargo truck, he also revealed that the Group was currently testing its electric sports utility vehicle (SUV).




成都大运汽车集团有限公司在近日圆满落幕的CAPAS 2019 展览会中,展出全新大运E3纯电动货卡,成功吸引人潮。

去年12月推出的大运E3系列4X2纯电动物流车,据销售经理董卫东表示,搭载的是中国国内的最佳电池–宁德时代磷酸铁锂电池。大运E3 的设计非常现代化,具有强大的动力和低噪音,与传统柴油卡车相比营运成本较低,被视为是运输一般货物的最佳物流车。

“电池容量82.43 kWh,最高时速可达80公里,厂标最高巡航里程305公里或满载荷(承载量1370 公斤)220公里。快充电约需时2小时。”



大运集团是位于山西运城,成立于1987年的一个集团,由山西大运汽车制造有限公司实行股份制改造而来。据董卫东说,公司在投入商用车制造前,在80-90年代从事的是摩托车生产 。今天,该集团透过其子公司制造重卡、轻卡、摩托车及引擎,也经营房地产和旅游。


“大运集团旗下有运城、十堰、成都三大生产基地,分别以重卡、中卡及轻卡为主。 ”他补充。




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