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Daimler Truck Connects Over 1 Million Trucks and Buses Worldwide Digitally

Daimler Truck‘s digital platforms help reduce the need for unplanned visits to the workshop, saving customers time, money and keeping their vehicles on the road.

Daimler Truck’s Digital Platforms Connect Over 1 Million Trucks and Buses

More than 1 million trucks and buses worldwide are now connected digitally via Daimler Truck‘s digital platforms, the company announced on Thursday, March 3rd.

Daimler Truck achieved this result by rolling out embedded telematics hardware and a global digital platform across all vehicle brands over the last few years.

The company has integrated its connectivity platform across all major vehicle models and segments while adding digital products that are deployed on this platform around the world.

“Connectivity solutions are the cornerstone for innovation and differentiation in the competition to win over customers,” said Marcus Claesson, CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Daimler Truck, in an official statement.

“With more than 1 million connected vehicles, we have a comprehensive basis for further developing and scaling services and solutions that increase customer value and brand loyalty while also improving our own value chain,” he added.

The applications are offered via Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime, Fleetboard, or OmniPlus in Europe, Truckconnect in Asia, and Detroit Connect branded solutions in North America.

Daimler Truck‘s remote update products reduce the need for workshop visits by diagnosing and updating vehicles while they are in the field and when it suits the customers.

“This reduces the need for unplanned visits to the workshop, saving customers time, money and keeping their vehicles on the road,” the company wrote in an official statement.

Daimler Truck: More than 1,000,000 connected trucks and buses worldwide.

Daimler Truck also stated that planned workshop visits have been reduced by more than half thanks to early fault detection for Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime customers in Europe.

In the United States, Daimler Truck North America performed more than 500,000 remote updates last year alone, therefore reducing the need for customers to visit workshops.

Daimler Truck‘s integrated connectivity platform allows customers to connect with their logistics ecosystem by accessing data and insights directly from their vehicles in real-time, without the need to add additional hardware.

Moreover, Daimler Truck also partners with third parties via the global connectivity platform to enable a wide range of logistic solutions for our customers.

Electric vehicles are also within the reach of Daimler Truck‘s digital products. Daimler Truck offers eServices for battery-powered trucks such as range prediction, battery status monitoring, pre-conditioning, and efficient charging management.

In the future, digital solutions are deemed to be a key lever to increase Daimler Truck‘s service revenue. Daimler Truck has the clear ambition of achieving an adjusted return on sales of more than 12% in the industrial business by 2030 in a favourable market environment.

“We are very proud of this milestone, which is the result of a great team effort. We will continue to invest in our connectivity platform and our digital solutions that make our trucks and buses safer, smarter, and more efficient, ultimately improving our customer’s business,” said Sanjiv Khurana, Head of the Connectivity Services Group at Daimler Truck.

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