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Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Introduce Truckonnect into BharatBenz

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), under the umbrella of Daimler Trucks Asia (DTA), announces the introduction of the Truckonnect connectivity platform into the BharatBenz product lineup by DTA partner organization Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV). Pre-orders for BharatBenz vehicles installed with Truckonnect will be starting in February with the new product range updated with India’s Bharat Stage VI emissions norms compliance.

Truckonnect to be Made Available for BharatBenz

Truckonnect will be provided as a standard feature in all vehicles that are 16 tonnes and above in the new BharatBenz lineup. For vehicles below 16 tonnes, Truckonnect will be offered as an option. As with the Truckonnect service installed in FUSO products for Japan, it will allow customers to check vital vehicle information in real time via the Truckonnect online portal.

The location of vehicles, fuel consumption, and vehicle health are made trackable and analyzable through Truckonnect. These features will allow fleet managers to optimise driver performance, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce downtime through constant monitoring. Vehicle owners will also be supported by a customer assistance center available during all hours of the day.

This new solution for BharatBenz is a prime example of the strategic collaboration encouraged under the DTA partnership between MFTBC and DICV, and also illustrates the two organisations’ access to Daimler Truck technologies. Knowledge collected from MFTBC’s development of the connectivity solution as well as experience from within the Daimler Truck family of brands is reflected into Truckonnect for BharatBenz. These world-class resources have been further polished by extensive localization, with domestically-sourced hardware and technology specially fine-tuned for Indian customers.

Hartmut Schick, Head of Daimler Trucks Asia, comments, “With the introduction of Truckonnect into our BharatBenz lineup, we are providing our Indian customers with a world-class connectivity solution. Truckonnect will support them to better manage their trucks, their business operations, and their environmental footprint.

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