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Daihatsu Malaysia Keeps Driving Forward with Continuous Improvement

Daihatsu is evolving its brand through the progressive expansion of two key global principles: Monodukuri and Kotodukuri

Daihatsu Malaysia Records Steady Growth

Daihatsu Malaysia celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2020 and has assured the market that it will strive to continuously serve its customers better and provide more high-quality Daihatsu vehicles. Next year, the company plans to introduce a newly enhanced commercial vehicle that provides better performance with a fuel-efficient engine. 

The Gran Max has been in the market for decades and has built a solid reputation for high durability and reliability. Daihatsu Malaysia Managing Director Arman Mahadi says the Gran Max was built to have a longer life cycle and was representative of the company’s commitment to provide well-built vehicles as well as enhance product performance. 

Daihatsu is evolving its brand through the progressive expansion of two key global principles: Monodukuri and Kotodukuri

“Besides our Monodukuri Principle (pursuit of even more high-quality vehicles with development of advanced technologies), we would also continue to pursue the Kotodukuri Principle (increasing points of contact with customers) by providing even better services, driving value through innovation and always taking into account factors such as product availability, comfort, ease of use, reliability ratings and competitive pricing. We would continue to provide the best overall total ownership experience with peace of mind from sales to service of vehicles. Ultimately, we want to be seen as the top brand for light commercial vehicles (LCV) in Malaysia,” said Arman, who also announced that, as of October 2019, the company had achieved 87.5 per cent of its targeted sales volume and seen a 33-per cent sales growth (compared with 2018). The company had also recorded steady growth with a 60-per cent jump in fleet sales, following the introduction of the Daihatsu Business Fleet Programme in June 2019 as well as achieving 87 per cent targeted service throughput as of October 2019, marking a 13-per cent intake growth (compared with 2018), which he attributed to the contribution from the implementation of Kaizen practices in selected Daihatsu service centres.

Meanwhile, Arman pointed out that Daihatsu Malaysia would continue to take various initiatives by contributing to the sustainable development of society and the environment through its business activities.

As part of its Kotodukuri initiatives, the company organised a Drivers Safety Training Programme in August 2019 that aimed to help reduce the risk of motor vehicle collisions and traffic violations by educating drivers and developing a culture of practising safe driving behaviour on the road, he explained.

“Our social welfare activities also included fostering preventive healthcare management via collaboration with Columbia Asia Hospital, Puchong by providing a customised Mobile Clinic using a Gran Max pick-up variant during the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2019 (MCVE 2019),” he said. “This collaboration with Columbia Asia is aimed at promoting health awareness via the Daihatsu/Columbia Asia Mobile Clinic truck that provides services such as health screening and blood donation.” 

According to Arsan, the company also undertook eco-friendly environmental activities by collaborating with the Free Tree Society (FTS) to provide a customised Green Van using a Gran Max van variant and launching the ‘Rewilding Roadshow’ during MCVE 2019.  

The collaboration with FTS, he continued, aims to promote tree and greenery planting in the community as well as create much needed awareness about ecosystems and biodiversity. The customised Green Van was displayed at various campaign stops, and the company also gave away trees at the same time to educate the public on preserving and boosting natural green ecosystems. The campaign stops included Taman Tugu, Kuala Lumpur as the company wanted to create a meaningful event space for encouraging urban conservation and the greening of urban spaces. Daihatsu is ending the year strongly with sustainable and more innovative initiatives in 2020.





Gran Max在市场已有数十年,一直享有高耐用性和可靠性的良好声誉。马来西亚大发董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)说,Gran Max更长使用寿命的设计,反映了该公司提供精心打造车辆及强化产品性能的承诺。 


除了我们的Monodukuri(以技术发展追求更高品质的车辆 )原则,我们将继续透过提供更好的服务,通过创新驱动价值,以及考虑如产品供应、舒适、容易使用、可靠性及价格竞争性等因素,追求Kotodukuri (增加与客户的接触点)原则。我们将继续为客户提供从销售到车辆服务的无忧最佳整体总拥有经验 。最终,我们希望被视为马来西亚轻卡顶级品牌。阿曼说。 

他开心地宣布,截至201910 月,马来西亚大发已达到其目标销售量的87.5%,并取得了33%的销售增长(相较于2018年)。随着20196月推出的大发商业车队计划,该公司取得稳定增长,车队销售量增加了60%。 截至201910月,该公司也实现了87%的服务吞吐量目标,摄入量增长13%( 相较于2018年)。他强调,这主要归功于公司在特定的大发服务中心实行Kaizen  



我们的社会福利活动还包含与蒲种亚洲各类哥伦比亚(Columbia Asia)医院的合作,在2019年马来西亚商用车展会(MCVE 2019)期间,以一辆量身定制的Gran Max皮卡作为流动诊所,推广预防保健管理。这个与亚洲哥伦比亚医院的合作,旨在通过大发/亚洲哥伦比亚 流动卡车诊所提供的健康检查和捐血,提高人们对身体健康的意识。 

此外,他说公司也与Free Tree SocietyFTS)合作,展开环保活动,在2019年马来西亚商用车展会中,将一辆Gran Max客货车打造成绿色客货车,举行了“Rewilding Roadshow”发布会。 

他续说,与FTS合作,旨在推广社区里的绿色种植,提高人们对生物系统和生物多样性的认识。该辆绿色的客货车曾出现在各个活动站, 而大发也将小树赠送给访客,借此教育公众保护和促进自然绿色生态系统。该活动站包括吉隆坡的Taman Tugu,因为该公司希望建立起一个有意义,鼓励保护城市和绿化城市空间的活动空间。 




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