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CYT Oriental Trading Continues to Expand Chaoyang Brand in Malaysia

CYT Oriental Trading Chaoyang Brand

CYT Oriental Trading (M) Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of Chaoyang tyres in Malaysia, is all set to further grow the brand. With an office and warehouse in Kepong, the company has been distributing the Chaoyang brand of passenger car as well as truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres for about 4 years in the country.

Chaoyang Brand Grows in Malaysia

According to Managing Director Jimmy Choy, the Chaoyang range of tyres that the company sells are imported from Zhongce Rubber’s new and modern factory in Thailand.

“We received very good feedback from customers, especially for pattern AS668 and AD733. The AS668 is a premium TBR tyre for steer application, featuring a five-rib tread pattern that provides outstanding handling. Its decoupling grooves prevent uneven tread wear and ensure long tread life for long distance travelling while the wide and deep tread guarantees longer mileage with affordable cost and remarkable value. The AD733 is the drive axle TBR tyre that offers lateral stability. Excellent wet traction and longer tyre life are achieved through the ultra-deep tread pattern with robust tread blocks. The latest carcass technology not only ensures a superior footprint and enhances damage resistance, but the carcass is also designed with multiple retreads in mind.”

Zhongce Rubber is very serious in gaining market share; he pointed out that the company sent its research and development engineers to survey the Malaysian market so that it could develop products to cater for local needs and requirements. Thus, the two models were exclusively manufactured based on the local fleet operators’ requirements such as load factor, road conditions and the vehicles that were commonly used here.

Choy also requested the tyre company to produce these patterns in the size of 295.80 R22.5, which was the most common size in the Malaysian market; this size was not available initially.

Apart from the abovementioned models, other tyres that are brought include the CM958, which is a TBR tyre for steer and axle application. Features include multiple gripping edges that are said to slice through water and road film for a solid grip and a four wide continuous rib design that helps resist tread squirm and heel-and-tow wear for exceptionally long tread life. Its three circumferential grooves help deliver all-season traction on wet or dry road while the closed shoulder design promotes even wear throughout the tyre life. The MD738 is said to provide excellent traction for on/off drive application. Featuring aggressive and optimum self-cleaning treads with lateral grooves provide ‘remarkable performance’ in all weather conditions for both on and off the road.

Last but not least is the CB919 that has an aggressive lug design with large blocks at the tread centre that Choy said was aimed at mining, rock and quarry operations. Wide treads and special tread compounds resist chipping, chunking and tearing. The stone ejector platform prevents trapped stones from punching deeper into and piercing the belt.

“Zhongce Rubber is the number 1 tyre manufacture in China, and ranked number 10 in the world. Chaoyang is the first tyre brand of Zhongce Rubber. It is also the most popular Chinese tyre brand that is well-known for excellent products and good services. Chaoyang tyre features high mileage, heavy loading capacity with good traction and handling for heavy-duty and commercial applications, especially speeding with a heavy load, and is capable in handling different types of terrain,”he added.

CYT 东方贸易继续在大马扩展朝阳品牌

CYT 东方贸易(马)私人有限公司,朝阳马来西亚官方授权经销商已准备就绪在国内进一步扩展该品牌。在甲洞拥有办事处和仓库的CYT,在大马经销朝阳轿车和卡客车子午胎已有4年。


“客户很满意朝阳的轮胎产品,特别是AS668和AD733子午胎款型胎。AS668 是条优质,适合长途用途的卡客车导向胎。它的五条肋纹提供良好操控,其去藕(decoupling )沟槽预防不均匀磨耗,延长胎纹寿命。宽深的胎沟确保较高的里程数,性价比高。AD733 卡车子午胎适用于驱动轮位,横向稳定性高。超深的胎面花纹和坚固的块状花纹设计,实现卓越湿地牵引力。其先进的胎体技术不仅确保一个优越的轮胎足迹,还强化了轮胎的抗损能力。此外,它拥有可翻新多次的胎体设计。”


谢仁杰还要求中策橡胶公司为这两款轮胎生产295 .80R22.5的规格,因为这是大马市场最普遍的尺寸。

除了上述的款型外,该公司还引进CM958,一条适合导向和车轴轮位的卡车子午胎。它锋利的花纹边缘能够辗过水膜,拥有牢固的抓地力,四条宽的持续肋纹可抗花纹蠕动和胎面边缘磨损,延长了轮胎的使用寿命。其三条纵向花纹沟在干湿路面均可提供优良牵引力,封闭的胎肩设计使轮胎在使用期限里的磨损更加均匀。MD738卡车子午胎则适合驱动轮位,可提供卓越的公路和越野牵引力 。它拥有具侵略性和优化的自洁胎面花纹设计,再加上横向胎沟,使该轮胎在任何天气下,无论是在公路行驶或越野都能发挥卓越的性能 。

最后是胎面中央具侵略性横向块状花纹设计的CB919 款型。谢仁杰说此轮胎适合采矿和采石作业。宽阔的花纹和独特的胎面胶配方可抗轮胎碎裂、剥落及撕裂。它还具有排石功能,防止碎石夹在胎纹之间进而刺穿轮胎。

“中策橡胶是中国排名第一的轮胎制造商,并在世界名列第10。朝阳是中策橡胶的第一个品牌, 而朝阳品牌一直以来就凭借着其优秀的产品品质和良好服务而远近知名。朝阳轮胎的特点是里程数高和具重载能力,以及适合商业应用的良好牵引力和操控,尤其具有重负载高速行驶和驾驭各种路面的能力。”

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