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Commercial Vehicle Sales Increase by 16 per cent in July

Base on MAA’s statistics, the vehicle sales in July 20 amounted to 57,552, an increase of 13 per cent from the 50,854 units in the same month last year.

Sales Volume in August Expected to be Maintained

The July’s sales were made up with a total of 52, 119 units of passenger vehicles and 5,433 commercial vehicles.

Sales of commercial vehicles increased by 16 per cent to 5,433 units as compared to 4,665 units the same period last year.

Malaysian Automotive Association(MAA) has attributed the increase to the sales tax exemption incentive for both CKD and CBU vehicles, aggressive promotional campaign by car companies, as well as longer working month in a statement.

Registration of new commercial vehicles for year-to-date (YTD) July was 21,250 units against 30,121 units, with a reduction of 106,005 units or 33.4 per cent.

Meanwhile, production of new vehicles in July declined 2.6 per cent to 47,631 units from 48,912 units as compared to last year. YTD July 2020 new vehicles production also dropped 36 per cent to 213,680 units from previously 333,552 units.

The production of commercial vehicle in July decreased by 11 per cent to 2,803 units from 3,164 units last year July. As for YTD numbers, the production volume up to July is 11,678 units, which is 10,644 units or 48 per cent lesser than 22,322 units in the same period of  2019.

MAA said, sales volume in August 2020 is expected to be maintained at July 2020 level with the sales tax exemption for CKD and CBU vehicles, as well as ongoing promotional campaign by car companies.


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