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Circular Agency Acquires Additional Scania Vehicles

Circular Agency purchased 11 Scania G410LA6x2MNA trucks and 1 Scania G360LA4x2MNA truck from Scania Malaysia recently.

Scania Malaysia Hands Over 12 New Trucks  

Scania Malaysia recently handed over the keys to 12 new Scania trucks to one of its key customers – Circular Agency Sdn Bhd – a wholly owned subsidiary of Malay-Sino Chemical Industries Sdn Bhd, which in turn is a 98-per cent subsidiary of Batu Kawan Berhad that is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. 

Held at the Circular Agency’s depot in Kemaman, the keys were presented by Scania Southeast Asia Pre Sales Director Tom Kuiphuis to the Managing Director of Malay-Sino Group, Tan Chee Heng. 

Tan cited how performance, reliability, fuel economy and safety of the Scania vehicles as well as the ‘excellent’ after-sales service helped the company achieve an improved total operating economy. Hence, Scania became the ideal choice for the company’s business expansion. 

Circular Agency purchased 11 Scania G410LA6x2MNA trucks and 1 Scania G360LA4x2MNA truck, all offering powerful performance and increased fuel savings to help attain the best profitability for its long-haul operations of chemicals nationwide. 

The trucks are equipped with the Scania Opticruise gearchange feature that promises better comfort and fuel economy while reducing clutch and synchromesh wear as well as a fully-adjustable steering wheel to help drivers stay focused and alert on their journey. 

Tan also commented on the FMS suite of services, which digitally connected the Circular Agency office with its vehicles and monitored the performance of its drivers. The system was credited with enhancing the supervision of the drivers’ compliance with safety regulations set by the company. 

In addition, Circular Agency signed a 7-year Repair and Maintenance Contract (R&M) for all vehicles, which could be fully utilised at the nearest Scania service centre, making it possible for the company to keep its trucks running with minimal downtime. 

For Scania, this truck handover is seen as a further reflection of its commitment to the quality, safety and performance of its vehicles. Kuiphuis said: “We are proud to be partner with Circular Agency for its long-haul operations and are indeed very happy that this company has once again placed its trust in Scania for the best profitability and sustainability of its business.”


Circular Agency添购斯库尼亚卡车


马来西亚斯堪尼亚近日将12 辆全新的斯堪尼亚卡车移交Circular Agency私人有限公司。该公司是Malay-Sino化学工业私人有限公司全资子公司, 而Malay-Sino化学工业则是马来西亚交易所主板上市公司Batu Kawan 有限公司持有98%股权的子公司。

该移交仪式在Circular Agency位于Kemaman的车站举行。斯堪尼亚东南亚售前总监古依费斯(Tom Kuiphuis)将模拟钥匙移交Malay-Sino集团董事经理Tan Chee Heng 。

Tan Chee Heng引述斯堪尼亚汽车的性能、可靠性、燃油经济、安全性,以及卓越的售后服务如何协助该公司改善整体运营经济。因此,斯堪尼亚成为该公司扩展业务的理想选择。

Circular Agency购买了11辆斯堪尼亚 G410LA 6X2 MNA卡车和1辆G360LA 4X2 MNA卡车。这些卡车除了性能强大外,也更为省油,协助该公司保持其全国化学品长途营运的最佳盈利。


他也对FMS的服务配套发表意见。该服务配套,与Circular Agency办事处产生数字连接, 能够监督其车子和司机的表现。他称赞该系统加强了对司机的监督,使他们符合该公司的安全规则。

此外,Circular Agency为其所有卡车签署了一个为期7年的修理及维修合约(R&M),使他们的卡车能在最靠近的斯堪尼亚服务中心进行维修,将卡车停机时间最小化。

对斯堪尼亚来说,此卡车移交仪式是该公司对其车辆品质、安全性及性能的进一步承诺。古依费斯说:“我们为能够与Circular Agency的长期运营合作而自豪,也很开心该公司再次信任斯堪尼亚能够为他们的业务提供最佳的盈利和可持续性。”


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