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Biforst Logistics Launch First Solar Power Fleet System for its Truck in Malaysia

Biforst Logistics Truck Malaysia

Biforst Logistics has recently launched the first of its own design and solution solar powered fleet system for its truck.

Birforst Logistics Embark on Solar Powered Truck

This, the company said, is an initiative by them as an interim solution while waiting for the availability of electric trucks to meet the various industries needs for innovative solutions while complying to environmentally friendly and sustainability objectives.

“We pledge to introduce an electric truck in 2017, however we have been unable to grant an approval to deploy electric trucks due to some technical issues. While continuing working with selected manufacturers to explore the possibilities in introducing electric trucks in the near future, and ultimately the autonomous truck in years to come, we have decided to embark on the solar powered truck,” said Dato’ Paduka Hamie, Managing Director of Biforst Holding Sdn Bhd at the launch…..

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Biforst 物流为其大马车队发布首个太阳能车队系统


“我们承诺于2017年引进电动卡车,然而因为一些技术问题而无法获得运用电动卡车的许可。除了继续与特定制造商发探索在不远的未来引进电动卡车和最终自动卡车的可能性之际,我们决定着手于太阳能卡车的研发。”Biforst控股私人有限公司董事经理拿督哈米尔(Dato’ Paduka Hamie)表示。


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