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BCM Sees Great Potential in Foton View Van Series

Established in 2014, Berjaya China Motor Sdn Bhd sees ample opportunity in Chinese commercial vehicles in the local market.

BCM Secures Distributorship of Foton View Van Series 

Berjaya China Motor Sdn Bhd (BCM), the distributor of Foton Motor Group (FMG) in Malaysia, sees a growing customer acceptance of Chinese commercial vehicles in the local market compared to 5 years ago.

BCM was set up in 2014 to capitalise on our years of experience in the automotive industry. The aim was to bring in Chinese light commercial vehicles into Malaysia as we saw ample opportunity for expansion, not so much at that time but in the upcoming years ahead. Time has proven that we have made the right decision. We can now see various Chinese brands of commercial vehicles in the market, “said Chief Executive Officer Datuk Donald Choo.

The partnership with FMG started in 2015, Choo explained.  “We are honoured to secure the distributorship of the Foton View van series and have partnered with FMG, one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in China. The Group’s business scope covers a full series of commercial vehicles, from light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, vans, pickups to buses. Equipped with world-class manufacturing facilities, FMG has been China’s top vehicle export for nine consecutive years. Its research and development (R&D) centres in Beijing, China, Germany and Japan have gathered 6,500 engineers from more than 40 countries and witnessed 5,000 R&D patents. Recently, Foton has announced that it has sold 10 million vehicles worldwide……”

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BCM 看到福田View 客货车系列的巨大潜能


福田汽车集团(FMG)马来西亚经销商Berjaya China Motor私人有限公司(BCM)看到,与5年前相比,本地客户对中国商用车的接受度越来越高。 

“凭借着在汽车行业的多年经验,我们在 2014年成立了BCM,目的是将中国轻型商用 车引入马来西亚。这是因为我们预见了未来几年里,中国商用车将在本地市场中拥有充足的发展机会。时间证明了我们当时 的决定是对的,如今放眼一看,本地市场充 塞着各种中国品牌的商用车。”首席执行长 拿督朱俊杰表示。

朱俊杰解释说,与福田汽车集团的合作始于 2015 年。 “我们很荣幸获得福田 View 厢式车系列的分销权,并与中国最大的商用车制造商之一的福田汽车集团合作。该集团的业务范围涵盖从轻、中、重型卡车、厢式货车、皮卡到巴士的全系列商用车。 福田汽车集团拥有世界一流的制造设施,连续9年位居中国汽车出口量第一。福田汽车集团在北京、中国、德国和日本的研发中心聚集了来自40多个国家的6500名工程师,见证了5项研发专利。最近,福田宣布其已在全球销售了 1万辆汽车……”



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