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Automechanika Shanghai Reports: A Snapshot into China’s New Developmental Plan for the Auto Industry

Automechanika Shanghai has provided an analysis China’s 14th Five Year Plan 2021 – 2025 (14th FYP) and what it means to players in the automotive ecosystem.

Automechanika Shanghai Expects 3,900 Exhibitors in Seven Sectors 


The country’s latest economic and developmental strategy sees the auto industry become a key driver of growth and industrial upgrade. It presents the critical long-term prospects of implementing new business models, sustainable solutions and technological advancements. It also approaches Dual Circulation as a means to tap into domestic demand and export activities.

According to the organisers, the 17th edition of Automechanika Shanghai, scheduled for 24-27 November this year, promises to amplify how policies in the macro environment are filtering into the automotive ecosystem. Approximately 3,900 exhibitors in seven sectors and three specialised zones will spread across 280,000 sqm at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai. Influential overseas and domestic exhibitors that have confirmed their participation include Amsoil, Bosch, Brembo, Doublestar, Hofmann, Homotor, Motul, and ZF, to name a few….. 

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上海汽配展(Automechanika Shanghai分析了中国的“十四五”规划 2021-2025其对汽车生态系统业者的意义。站在十四五的新起点,2021年中国中央政府最新的宏观发展战略也将汽车产业视为经济增长和产业升级的关键驱动力。它展示了实施新商业模式、可持续解决方案和技术进步的关键长期前景。它还将双循环作为发掘中国国内需求和出口活动的一种方法。 

据主办方表示,定于今年1124日至27日举行的第17届上海汽配展承诺将扩大宏观环境中的政策如何渗透到汽车生态系统中。来自七个领域和三个专业区的约 3,900 家参展商将在上海国家会展中心占地 280,000 平方米的展位展出。已确认参展具影响力的海内外展商包括美国安索(Amsoil、博世、布雷博(Brembo、双星(Doublestar、霍夫曼(Hofmann、Homotor、摩特(Motul、采埃孚(ZF等….。




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