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Aumark S BJ1088 Fuels 99 Speed Mart Business Expansion

Angka-Tan- 99 speed mart -Aumark S
Angka-Tan- 99 speed mart -Aumark S
The 99 Speed Mart Sdn Bhd, a renowned chain of ‘refreshing mini-markets’, recently embarked on a new phase of growth and efficiency with the acquisition of 60 Foton Aumark S BJ1088 trucks from Angka-Tan Motor.

99 Speed Mart Enhances Distribution Efficiency with Foton Aumark S BJ1088 Trucks

This is seen as a strategic move that marked a significant step towards enhancing distribution efficiency and supporting the expansion of 99 Speed Mart‘s business platform, particularly the launch of 99 Bulk Sales, a new online sales and delivery service. 99 Speed Mart said it conducted a thoroug...

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