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Association of Malaysian Hauliers: Go Digital to Improve Safety and Efficiency at Ports

AMH President urged freight forwarders and hauliers to migrate from manual processes to paperless systems to reduce supply chain disruptions.

AMH Encourages Members Uptake of New Digital Systems 

The Covid-19 pandemic, which spurred different lockdown orders across both Malaysia and around the world has given rise to unprecedented challenges for ports, hauliers and freight forwarders. Due to this unprecedented change urgency must now be given to the digitalisation of processes to overcome these challenges. 

 “Digital transformation by logistics players in the import and export industry is important to resolve the turmoil currently faced by ports and supply chains to maintain safety, efficiency and productivity. We have observed that ports and their supporting industries that invest in automation and digitalisation have benefited from increased resilience over the past year,” said Soo Chee Yong, President of the Association of Malaysian Hauliers (AMH)

Soo added that both of Port Klang’s ports were still congested, especially during the government-imposed Movement Control Order (MCO) and the National Recovery Phase 1 lockdown that is still in force in Selangor. Therefore, he urged freight forwarders and hauliers to migrate from manual processes to paperless systems like LinkHaul so that supply chain disruptions caused by the various lockdowns can be reduced, with overall efficiency at ports improved….

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马来西亚运输商公会(AMH)主席 Soo Chee Yong 说:“进出口物流业者的数字化转型对解决港口和供应链目前所面临的动荡很重要,以确保安全、效率和生产力。我们观察到在过去一年中,港口和支持港口的行业都因投资于自动化和数字化而韧性大增并有所获益。” 

Soon Chee Yong补充说,巴生港的两个港口仍然很拥挤,特别是在政府实施行动管制令(MCO)和雪兰莪州仍处于国家复苏计划第一阶段的封锁期间。因此,他敦促货运代理和运输商从手动流程迁移到 LinkHaul 等无纸化系统,以减少因封锁造成的供应链中断,提高港口效率……..

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