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A Closer Look at the All-New DFSK Gelora Panel Van

DFSK Gelora Panel Van

Priced at RM58,000, the Gelora panel van comes standard with a two-year/120,000 km warranty.  

New DFSK Gelora Panel Van Now Available in Malaysia

In its effort to serve the customers’ evolving needs, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (DFCVM) has continued to expand its product offerings with the all-new DFSK Gelora panel van.

“The booming of e-commerce sales and home delivery in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, has led to increased demand for light commercial vehicles in the local market. You are spoiled for choice if you are looking for a van in the market. Apart from the established Japanese brands, there are various Chinese van brands as well. The question is, which van make and model is right for you? We are confident that our all-new mid-size DFSK Gelora panel van is an excellent all-rounder, which is ahead of its rivals, as it boosts a powerful engine, bigger cargo space, great load capacity and better fuel economy, “said General Manager KC Lim.

In addition to the attractive grille with shield shape design at the front that reflects the tough and strong character of the Gelora panel van, he added, its firm double body lines and diamond-shaped headlamps have given it a modern European style of appearance with a strong character.

Wide visibility is achieved through the Gelora’s larger windshield design with a wider area, which Lim points out makes it easier for the driver to see the surrounding area with a smaller blind spot level. This windshield design, according to him, not only enhance safety, but also supports the coefficiency of lower wind resistance.

Powerful, Spacious and Fuel Efficiency

Powered by a 1.5-litre DK15 DVVT petrol engine with 109 PS and 140 Nm of torque at 3,200 rpm, the Gelora panel van coupled with a five-speed manual transmission. Lim said, the engine is not only powerful and tough, as it has the largest power and torque in its class, but also fuel efficiency. Featuring a width of 1,680 mm and a wheelbase of 3,050 mm, Lim pointed out that its compact dimension and a tight 10.5 m minimum turning circle with power steering, making it easily slots into most of the urban parking bays.

“Besides contributing to a spacious loading area, the long wheelbase increases the sense of comfort when passing uneven roads and keeps drive more stable at high speeds.”

Despite its compact dimensions, Lim stressed, this panel van has a generous cargo space, measuring 2,630 mm long, by 1480 mm wide and 1,300 mm high, as compared to other panel vans.

“To give you a better idea, the Gelora panel van can easily carry 145 boxes (12 bottles per box) of beer. The payload is rated at 750 kg, but the designed load capacity is 1,000kg.   Furthermore, the fence tilts with the seat radian to ensure adequate cargo space and maximum driving space and secure cargo. Thus, it is designed to meet the need for a multifunctional vehicle,” he added.

The utility of the reinforced half-integral chassis of 9 beams and 2 longitudinal beams, as well as the plate spring suspension and strengthened rear axle for stronger load capacity has enabled the Gelora panel van to support this load capacity.

“With a large cargo space of 5.1 M3 and a load capacity of 750 kg, its fuel consumption is just 5.0 L per l00 km, which offers the lowest transportation cost for unit volume and unit weight that would help to reduce the logistics costs. This eventually would translate to a higher profit margin.”

The Gelora panel van also benefits from a centre locking, driver’s airbag, electric power steering (EPS), a sliding door fitted to the cargo body for easy access, and front fog lights.

“It is worth mentioning that the Gelora has lesser impact in an event of collision with its adoption of a double anti-collision multi-level security system combined with the front guard ‘shield armour’. Its loading capacity and drive safety have been enhanced, thanks to its wider 185/80 R14 tyres.”

Priced at RM58,000, the Gelora panel van comes standard with a two-year/120,000 km warranty.

Lim revealed that for this new model, they are targeted at city delivery, express industry, mobile service station, public service, city rescue and private individual logistics.

“We are bringing in the Gelora minivan to support the various consumer business activities taking place in Malaysia. The first DFSK Gelora we will introduce shall be the blind van model because our internal research results show that many consumers in the country are looking forward to this model to support their businesses,”  he added.


东风商用车(马来西亚)私人有限公司近期引进全新东风小康Gelora 厢型车,持续扩大其产品供应,致力于满足客户不断改变的需求。





搭载1.5升DK15 DVVT汽油引擎,Gelora厢型车的最高输出功率109PS,在转速为3,200rpm下可产生140牛顿米的扭矩,配备五速手动变速箱。林锦初表示,它的引擎不仅强大而且还很坚固,在同等级货车中拥有最大的动力却又相当省油。Gelora厢型车拥有小巧紧凑的尺寸,车宽1,680mm和轴距3,050mm,再加上10.5mm的最小转弯半径和动力转向,使它很容易泊车,能够轻巧地进入城市里的大部分停车位。





“它虽然拥有5.1 M3的大货舱和750公斤的载荷,但是每100公里的油耗量却只有5.0公升,提供最低的单位体积运输成本和单位重量,可协助降低物流成本。而这,最终将转化成更高的利润。”


“值得一提的是采用双重防撞多级保安系统和保险杆护罩的Gelora,在发生碰撞时的冲击比较小。配备185/80 R14的宽轮胎,增强了装载能力和驾驶安全。”




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